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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by taffscrivs, Feb 5, 2015.

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  1. It has been announced that the Devon town of Totnes is to have a technicolour striped "Gay Pride" pedestrian crossing installed near the town monument. Apparently this has the full support of the town council who want to 'Welcome the World to Totnes' It may well have the reverse effect. Imagine the conversation, Wife; 'Let's visit Totnes dear.' Husband; 'Not bloody likely, the place is full of Hippies and Queers!'
  2. So by reverse effect you mean that bigots might not want to visit...?
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  3. I have a five hour train journey tomorrow. I'm going to spend that time reading the thousands of inevitably hilarious comments on the Daily Mail site once they pick this story up. I can't wait.

    "They've ruined another British tradition, the good old indigenous British black and white zebra crossing, they'll be renaming Christmas bum love day next"
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  4. I would have though Brighton would be a more fitting place for it

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  5. Or Brown Willy, no roads up there though. Perhaps Wetwang would be better.
  6. Will the Belisha beacons be flashing pink ones?
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Why have you wrapped it in clingfilm?

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  9. I've been testing it, I can't send it back with poo on it can I?
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  10. It was wrapped in Jenny Dabber earlier!
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  11. Is it a JD approved and tested item:cool:?
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  12. What, JD Wetherspoon?
  13. The main man in that organisation stabbed his wife to death!

    "Who wetherspoon?"

    "No", "with a knife!!"

    I'll get my coat........

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