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colour sargeant jim thorner

does anyone know james (jim) thorner 839 squadron royal marines served from 1965 to 1981 then royal marines reserves from 1982 until 1998 he was my brother and my hero and sadly passed away today
(oct 20 2007) would love to hear


War Hero
Burtonlass, it is my profile signature, it was one of the sayings that my Drill Instructor in training used. He came from the Midlands and this was his opening/parting remark to us nods on each and every occasion, the only thing that changed was the volume. Total nutter! :thumright:


War Hero
I did'nt know your brother, but I drink in the Wessie, so I've probably spoen to him at some time. Everybody speaks of him with a great deal of affection. You have my condolences.


burtonlass,yes i did know jim,
i really good egg apart from that damn pipe of his :lol: !!!! he spent more time trying to light it than actually smoking it as i recall!
i'll send you a pm shortly.
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