colour perception tests

I'm hoping to become an engineering officer. I passed my recruit test and now waiting for a medical. Worried about this as I know I will fail the Ishihara test as am red-green colourblind. I know CP4 is acceptable as an engineering officer but can anyone tell me what further testing is needed in order to be classified as CP4 (ie. trade tests?)?
This is not an unusual question, and has been asked and answered many times. Have a read of the 'Sticky' threads at the top of the Newbies forum, or do a search, and you will find the info you are after.
Have tried searching and found some threads about colour blindness and which branches are still open to you, but not anyone saying what tests they actually had to do. I've seen what the cp3 lamps test involves, and also that the CP4 tests are trade related eg. identifying coloured tabs, wires, resistors. Just trying to find info from any colourblind engineering officer on what specifically the tests involved for them were (if it is that specific!) to see if I stand a chance!
Knowing what the test(s) involve will not improve your chance of passing them as your CP will determine what you can and cannot see. Practicing CP tests will not improve your chances either. Just go with the flow and see what happens.
Thanks for the replies. I realise I won't be able to practise for the tests or improve my chances, just don't want to wait months to find out I can't do the career I hoped for.
From what I have seen, would it be a case of matching wires? Normal 3 core wire does look green/yellow, blue and usually brown to me, though sometimes the brown might look rather similar to red. However, if I had red and brown next to each other I can definitely tell the difference. It's the similar shades on the Ishihara plates that make it very difficult for me to distinguish the colours, so I know I can't see the numbers on those!

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