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Colour perception tests


Hello all,

I have a query regarding my pre joining medical results. I am applying to join as a pilot, and had my medical examinations a little over two weeks ago. I had to travel to Southport to have the medical and the doctor told me everything was fine and I had passed.
However when I called my AFCO to ask when my PJFT would be I was promptly told me I had failed my medical because my colour perception was only CP2 and I needed to be CP1 for pilot. He stated that I would have to wait a few months and redo a Holmes-Wright lantern test.
I was dismayed, but I was sure I had read all the numbered cards correctly in my colour perception test. I called the doctor to double check and did some hunting on google and found that the test I had done was the Ishihara test which can only classify you as CP2 and not higher.

So does this mean as I am applying for pilot I havent failed my medical, I am just waiting to do a second round of medical testing?

Any help or anyone who has had experience here would be greatly appreciated.




You're right- you haven't failed (technically) but you haven't yet been established as CP1. the "repeat" medical is to assess this.


What a bloody strange way of doing things, surely it would be a better use of time and money getting the right tests carried out in the first place
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