Colour blind cp requirements

Hoping to find a list of job roles in both the RN and RFA for someone who is colour blind. I did find a medical entry requirements table on here before but cannot seem to find it now. I'm aware of the cp grading just wondered if there was a doc stating it all in black and white? No pun intended...Thanks in advance.
As TheSmudgers said - depends on role and your CP score.
Use the search facility on here, there are plenty of posts already - my lad joined last year as ETWE and is CP4 - so I have previously put stuff on.
From what I can remember I'm cp4. It was a few years back when I had my last colour vision test. Roles that interest me are as follows:
RN- Air ET , ETME, Mine WS, Naval Airman, Seaman Specialist, Warfare specialist.
RFA - Cadet marine engineer, engineering app , comms app.
I have had a look at some threads I just wandered if there was a list somewhere. Thanks for the help chaps.


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If you start an application you will be formally assessed for CP during the medical. That will give you a grade that the RN/RM will accept.
As others have said on here there are many roles that accept CP4, if that is what you are.
If you want to choose a branch from a list then the AFCO should be able to assist you.
Good luck

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