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Colonel 'victim of witch-hunt'

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Full Colonel isn't a bad place to finish up. If I was him I'd do a Tim Collins, retire and burst into print.

On the otherhand, perhaps there will be a rush to make amends for the Colonel's (and his co-acquitteds' ) shabby treatment that will match the 'rush' to hang them out to dry.

Edited to change 'co-accuseds' ' to 'co-acquitteds' ' Charges on others are outstanding.
I listened to Jackson on Newsnight last night about this issue, what a load of Guff! I'd rather serve under Col. Mendoca than him any day. He has become a polly.
Besides what do you expect from Bliars Brigade, and please, don't say it wasn't them, it was the MOD, give us some credit.
I fear he's finished, Waste of a good occifer. He must be pretty gutted with the political witch hunt that happened.......he could always give evidence for the prosocution when B'lair becomes the accused :evil:
This administration has almost completely politicised the Civil Service senior staff during their time in office so the next logical thing (in their eyes) is to politicise the senior military staff.

Can you imagine future interviews for promotions? :

Q: Which party do you vote for ?
A: 'The xxxx Party - Long Live the Party!'

'Congrats , you are now promoted to XX - Long Live the Party!!'

Anyone liken this to the old style (but not dead) Communist regimes ?
Those whom pollies can't convince, they seem to want to destroy - am I being too manic ?

Long Live the party !

The bit that gets me is the way the Radio and TV news trumpeted that Col Mendonca was the most senior officer in recent time to be court martialled. Depends what they mean by "recent" of course but it wasn't that long ago that a RN Captain was in the dock on the charge of bullying - subsequently acquitted - and it isn't that long ago that the then Commodore Alan West was Court martialled for leaving secret documents on a canal towpath!

Begs the question did the media decide that themselves or did the MoD brief that?
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Dear all,

In common with Rum Ration standing policy, this thread is locked and will remain so till the close of the Court-Martial proceedings.

The thread will be removed temporairily, but will be unlocked at the close of the proceedings.


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