collisions at sea


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Has anyone out there ever been in a collision at sea?

During the late 60s, when the Suez canal was closed we took a sweeper from Gib around the Cape, off Walvis Bay we did a fuel RAS, with RFA Ennerdale, and we had a steering gear breakdown ,and consequently collided with her, ripping our bollards out of the sweep deck, causing quite a lot of damage to the sweep gear, our bow and port side was also badly damaged. hence we limped into Simontown dockyard, and had six weeks in drydock, lots of runs ashore was had by all, the Navigaters Den being our favourite watering hole .Happy days :lol: :lol:


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Collided with a few beers in the Navigator---There were only 5 nightspots in Capetown really---so through district 6 and out to Muizenburg. !!


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terry_rice said:
Has anyone out there ever been in a collision at sea?
....December 1961 HMS Falmouth....brand new ship.....last night of our six week workup off Portland. Hit by a tanker during a storm force 10 whilst we were pinging a submarine! Apparently we were on a collision course for four minutes blackout during the exercise. Used every hammock in the ship to shore up the hole. I seem to recall that a POME Sharples won the BEM for that effort. Apparently we went down three times and according to FOST the next day he didn't think we were going to come up the third time. Anyway we limped back into Portland then back to Guzz for a refit. Anybody onboard here ex Falmouth recall that collision? I can't find any reference to it on the net.


I was on the Southampton when we got run over by a 100,000 ton tanker, the "Torbay", in the Straits of Hormuz in 1988. Dit can be spun if requested!
So ave yer got pictures. Loch Killisport in South China Sea with a Wave Class RFA.




There yer go. Cause a steering gear breakdown


PS Immediately after I took picture No. 2 I ran away


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damo567 said:
I was on nottingham when she hit that large and well charted rock off the coast of OZ !!

Joined her in refit in '04; not pretty! And I've heard from my relief that she still isn't very well either... :shock:


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HMS Juno was in that many collisions/near misses that our Skipper was known as 'Rammer' Redford!

Early '90s, BOST, Heavy Jackstay RAS with RFA Black Rover. I was SOW. Stump Mast rigged on the Flight Deck. RFA was OCE and due to a foul range decided for all units to alter course 60 degrees to Port in 10 degrees increments. Our Skipper at the time (not Redford) decided that he wasn't going to be told how to steer 'his ship' and did all 60 degrees in one go. Realising Black Rover wasn't going to move he belatedly altered course away to Starboard; this caused the Port side of the Juno to scrape down the Starboard side of the Black Rover. Unfortunately it also caused us to lose tension on the Jackstay aft' which resulted in the Test Weight being transferred at the time to come swinging towards the Flight Deck and bending the Stump Mast at 45 degrees!

Result: Our RAS gear was knackered; some RAS Party almost losing fingers and heads; the CO getting a bollocking from the FOST NavO embarked at the time! Now who's got the number to Claims Direct..?!

:shock: :wink:


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Cod War.....lots of bumps and scrapes, but the good thing was...fresh fish for breakfast..tea...dinner...9o'clockers..midnight snack...cooked in every which way!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: