Collingwood - Summer leave 06

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by TheCommunicator, Aug 26, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know the leave dates for the current summer leave at Collingwood? I need to pop in there to see someone once they're all back

  2. Back 29th Aug
  3. Dont forget to pop in and see me in the Equipment secition mate. You know where it is I am sure. :)
  4. Are there chocolate mini rolls?
  5. Yeah, but only for the right people :)
  6. I'm new to this, but not to the Andrew. I started at St Vincent 12/11/46. My 1st book's called Dizzy, which finishes October/55. My 2nd's called "Creatures of Our Time, in a land fit for Heroes" published at the bottom end of the world, just recently. Try hunting them out on Amazon. I'm a member of the St Vincent Association, and an honorary with the Ganges Association of South Australia.
    Cheers, Dizzy
  7. Ok then...... random!? :?

    BTW... for an author your use of grammar is inconsistent at best. Are you senile (if so I apologise), fishing, or just not good at grammar (again apologies for any insult). :twisted:
  8. Not particularly welcoming to the new guy Geordie. A simple re-direction to the proper section and some guidance on how to would have been better.

    Perhaps his style of grammar / language is not ideal for your tastes, but his manners appear to be considerably better than yours old chap. Do try harder - there’s a good lad.

  9. Welcome to our mad cyber pusser's war canoe Dizzy. Please could you post a link to where RR cybershipmates can obtain a copy of both your books.

    Just a note of caution, except in the specific Ganges threads, we refer to Ganges as the G-Spot or G-Place as it scares the crap out of the Raleigh generation! So you're an HonTrog ay? You're our third: we also have Hontrogs: Jenny_Dabber and Dunkers - both born long after the place closed. :lol:
  10. Oi, watch it... you're insulting an Hontrog mate! No need to be jealous about not having been to Britain's most elite public school after Eton. :lol: For the record, I personally know a number of Fellows of the Royal Society whose grammar is not perfect - but their scientific intellect remains as acute as ever - so good grammar is not everything, desirable thought it might be.

    Did someone mention chocolate rolls? :p :D

  11. Dizzy

    Welcome to the loony bin.
  12. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Welcome Dizzy, although why you posted in an unrelated and otherwise expired thread, I don't know.

    Geordie git, sometimes it is appropriate to criticise (or correct ) someone's grammar, spelling and punctuation. Sometimes, like your last, it isn't. Especially when you didn't include a question mark at the end of your question.

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