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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by FunkyJunky, Aug 18, 2014.

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  1. What is the internet service like in the SLA at this place?
    will be there for a fair few weeks soon (SR Mess) and want to know if it is worth bringing my laptop to stream sky-go/Netflix

  2. There is free wifi in the mess, ask the hall porter for the password. SLA has the BT openzone wifi, can be slow at times.
  3. There are 4 communal TV rooms, one each for the main terrestial channels. I believe smoking in them is no longer allowed.
  4. cheers, the the cabins?
    BT openzone is good for me as it (should) be free as have BT infinity at home
  5. It will be free then as you just use your home login.

    There are two TV rooms. Both with SKY3D
  6. Good wifi in the atrium I used to download stuff in there and colleagues used to stream porn

    Tea and coffee uses to be free but they probably Charge for it now
  7. thanks for all of the above
    lastly, anyone know when Summer Leave is for 2015. have a very key family occasion I would like to commit to.
  8. what a load of of guff the down load speeds are.
    cant even watch netflix in the accomodation block (SRs)
    anyone else have any issues?
  9. Get down the bar, drink beer at a pound a pint whilst you still can!!! Bloody hermit

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  10. Its not been a pound a pint for years!!! Funky try downloading in the Atrium I find its a lot faster.

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