Collingwood Club 1974

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Nicks, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. It turns out me and Moondog on here joined up the same day at Ganges as Greenies,and as we went to Collingwood together it got me thinking about the Go Go Dancer who used to throw her bits about on Pay night (Once a fortnight in them days) when we had to go in our rig as we were Juniors at the time and New Entries at the place for 6 weeks.

    I can picture her bits and pieces but cant remember her name :)shock:)

    Also the buzz at the time was that she went on to do a full frontal for a **** mag of some sorts.

    Any Help appreciated
  2. Can,t remember her name Nicks, but I think I trapped her one night when you were,nt looking !!
  3. Hi

    Joined Collingrad as a Cook early 73 and stayed fro about 18 months before leaving to join Intrepid. (Would have to dig out docs for precise dates.

    Can't remember a GoGo Dancer, do remember a Screaming Lord Sutch performance which burnt the ceiling, a trio who finished the set with 1812 overture and an entertaining girl by the name of *** who was happy to oblige.

  4. I remember the Scottish equivalant of that sort of girl in my time at Faslane,and they were called "The Dunbarton Debs"

    One especially springs to mind as she had a false leg and we used to get her up to dance and try our best to get the false leg cross threaded !!

    Happy days !!

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