COLLINGRAD Course Numbering

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by geoffrey, May 17, 2006.

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  1. This may sound boring but ... I've just noticed that as from last month, all the courses at COLLINGWOOD have had their numbering swapped. So, for at least the last 10 years, (for example) the 3rd WEODC course of 1998 was WEODC 03/98, and the next course was 04/98 etc. BUT, as from April this year, someone has decided to swap the year and course number around, so the 2nd course of 2006 is now 06/02, whereas the first course is still 01/06.

    Whatthefock?! What passed-over Lt Cdr made that particularly illogical decision for change for the sake of change? Another pointless and confusing alteration to years of normal practice just so that some idiot can put something in his "achievements" box on his report.

    BZ to that man (not). And double BZ to anyone with a spine who changes it back again.
  2. How typical of COLLINGWOOD - a 1960s WE establishment now run by Schoolies in the way designed to piss off as many Operations Branch ratings and officers as possible (I was there for a weekend recently - God it's awful!). So we have a perfectly understandable system that has been going years, changed for no reason whatsoever. Perhaps it's the new Commodore (didn't I read here that Big Nance had retired?) trying to stamp his new identity on the place? Not even Americans place the year first in their dates....
  3. Oh well, poor greenies and pinkies. You'll get used to it eventually. Just like I'm getting used to there being no Artificers any more. They killed em off and I didn't even know until recently
  4. Cheef Tiff - you'll be furious when you see the new ET(ME) branch badge then....
  5. I knew they were having problem recruiting Artificers but didn't realise they had been abolished! When?
  6. I left the place a year ago, but still go back. Not many Schoolies there anymore - it's all Warfare Branch (All the hierarchy are Warfare - Cdre Capt, most HODs) and Flagship civilians with a couple of WEs thrown in for good measure.
  7. Im WE 06/02, only the 5th brach of ET(WE) to go on from Rayleigh, the first WE class passed out of Collingrad last week.

    And the change has also happened Rayleigh, beacuse i was 11/06 but when i came back from easter leave they were piping 03/06's and it took a while to figure it out, still havent got a clue why they changed it, didnt see y they needed to either. Oh Well
  8. Hi Nicholson,

    Im WE05/02 the second batch to come into the fleet, passing out this week. You still at Collingwood?

    Yea the course numbers are always changing, dont really see the point.

    Someone somewhere is getting paid too much to do too little...

  9. Our Killicks class was L(O)955.

    We had a Canadian schooly as our D.O., and before one Friday divisions, some wag thought it would be wonderful wheeze to wind him up.

    Come the day of the races, when he was going to call us to attention, he called, L(O)955!............

    We then swiftly replied, "Hello, Sir!" Then we collapsed in hysterics.

    It wasn't so funny later on, when the G.I.s had us in the Drill Shed, explaining to us the error of our ways.

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