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Hi just doing some research on what to expect at nautical college. I have my sift interview next week for deck cadet so just info gathering. Does anyone know how much time you get off when at college? Ie. weekends, holidays etc. also when you are on a sea phase is the whole time aboard a ship? Once on a ship how much time do you get to yourselves? Do you get the chance to go ashore when in port? Have tried to find the info but no luck. Appreciate any info on this. Cheers.


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Hi Penguinhunter, at college you have weekends off and work a standard 0900 to 1600 day. The college breaks up for a few weeks at Easter, Christmas and Summer - the lengths of the break vary by course. Sea phases are a period of time when you will either be at sea or on leave, for example the Foundation Degree (Deck) have a 9 month initial sea phase - about 6 of which will be on ship. A cadet is given time whilst on ship to do their academic work and you will have chance to go ashore when alongside, duties/work permitting.
Thanks for the information that's really helped! I've been preparing the best I can for the sift. Is there any last minute advice you can give? Any curve balls to expect? Thanks again


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They may not ask but if they do, you'll be working towards civilian officer of the watch competences which are awarded by the MCA. That's the whole point of the cadetship. Look up merchant navy cadetship and you'll see the sort of things it covers.

Obviously, you'll also need to have clear answers as to why you want to be an officer, examples of when you've worked in a team and lead a team. Know what the RFA does and where it's ships are. If you can recognise the ships, even better.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.
That's great bluebird thanks for that I'll be sure to do a bit more research on the mca side of things! I probably shouldn't be, but I'm quietly confident about the sift but the aib sounds a little challenging! How long since you had yours? Oh I'm mike btw, nice to meet you

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