Collecting information; prepping for interview.

I've passed my psychometric test last week, and got the date for my interview. I have been researching as much as I can, but I feel I am getting swamped with information; I'm not sure how much is relevant. Obviously the more the better, but I would prefer to focus my time to areas I know I will be challenged on.

I am looking to join the Royal Navy Submarine Service, but I continually meeting a dead end here, excluding the basic Wiki info regarding the various classes; Vanguard, Trafalgar, Swiftsure and Astute. Everything I see is just telling me 'this information is restricted' I've scanned some journals looking for further information, but not getting much further there.

If anyone has any resources or links they'd be able to share I would be very grateful!

I just feel I will look a complete *[email protected]& when they ask me what I know about the area I want to go to when I will have very little to say.

I have read Ninja_Stoker's post re: general areas covered in interview and found very useful! Thank you.

Also on a side note, when I was 18* (now 26) I received a CCJ this was quickly resolved and settled, but do you think this will come back to haunt me? Also I'm struggling to find details of it. 8 years and 3 house moves, not hard to misplace a letter. I don't want to evade or hide this, just simply cant find it. I have looked on Experian (credit reference agency) but it doesn't show any details there, only shows past 6 years.
(*typical 18 yr old idiocy; fortunately i've grown up a bit since then)

Many thanks in advance for any advice received.
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