Coleymore Silent Protest

Not sure if any of you are aware of a group of ex-servicemen doing a "Silent Protest" outside Talksports offices in London tomorrow at 1200.

The protest is against their employee Stan Coleymore, who has made some shitty comments regarding the Falklands, the Brits living in Northern Ireland, which has incensed many veterans.

So off to London old chap and join the "Outraged of Eastbournes" for a get together and post piss up !!
Cheers Waspie..there was about 40 of us in the end...No one from RR, guess that's par for course really, they were probably too busy recommending irons and reading endless fucking shite from spoon fed fuckwits regarding how to find the easy way to pass a PJFT.
I had a wonderful day entertaining a fire system engineer at Sunseekers!!! I do see it was mentioned on the ITV web news, haven't checked if it has hit the telly news!

Pity the turnout wasn't better, I see Dougy has said his bit to the media.
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