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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by lsadirty, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. Sitting here at the moment watching "The Cold War: Submarines in enemy depths". Good programme, but full of Elmer and Ivan dits about the silly sort of things they used to get up to. Fortunately, we believe in the "Silent Service" ethos, though doubtless we could spin more than a few dits between us about similar episodes. Well worth watching, probably be repeated tomorrow, hopefully not at the same time as the footy and the rugger. Happy viewing!!
  2. Isa,
    I recorded it on my DVD HDD so I can watch it when sober..........the ONLY way to watch England at any sport is to get blitzed. I got a flavour of the programme and formed the same opinion as you that the Yanks won the Cold War again and 'those goddam little navy Brits' spent their time pootling around in UK territorial waters.

    WE know different don't we............but...we must let the Septics take the credit....after all they invented SONAR (ASDIC really) and RADAR (RDF to us) and carried out ALL the iffy trips....ha! They bagged all the good patrol areas and gave us the 'quiet' SPA's. Little good it did them though!

    When is our history during this 'little side war' going to be written. When the (any) Government can make political capital out of it, thats when!
    Bit grumpy about it actually....I always am when due credit is never given!
  3. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    From the beach, I would assume that the party is not over yet and that therefore the story cannot yet be told - the Soviet Union is thankfully extinct but Putin seems to have grand dreams, & oil & gas money to pay for them.
  4. Did a Med trip in the mid-70s under Elmer OPCON. Their Admiral came & told us what a fascinating & unique area of operations we were entering, a target rich environment, all the usual blurb. We spent 6 weeks in the Eastern Med looking for an Ivan boat that was tied up in one of the ports in Syria or that area the whole time, but they forgot to tell us ! Yeah, it was really fascinating & unique !!
  5. When and where was this programme on and would anyone be able to provide a copy?
  6. It was on the History Channel (SKY 529) 2100 last night and repeated 1000 this morning. Probably be on again in the near future, just need to keep an eye on the SKY listings. If you're looking for a good - no, excellent read, try BLIND MAN'S BLUFF - can't remember the authors, but it's a cracking good read about Cold War submarine ops. (They actually DO admit that us Sundodgers took part, but give no details).
  7. 'Blind Mans Bluff' by Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew. Good dit. Another one is 'Dark Waters' By Lee Vyborny. An original member of the ships comany of the 'research' submarine NR1, Vyborny describes how the DSRV and NR1 projects were actually a front for developing specialised intelligence collecting submarines. Some interesting stuff.
  8. I don't think the story of the "Black non-skid Casing Company"'s involvement in the Cold War will EVER be told - When I worked in the MoD Records Department, there were "Sneaky" files going back to the 50s that were still "Retained in Department". My female Boss laughed at me being pissed off about it, she had the security clearance to read about the trips I'd done, and I couldn't !! If the truth ever came out, it wouldn't be believed ...........
  9. Exactly the same here.
    I had typed a long draft about events but deleted it because even as I typed it, in the back of my head was a voice saying 'you're not going to press send so why are you bothering.'
    We signed to say we understand these events will never be released and should never be dicussed............ever and so far it's worked. Until some government in the future can see political capital in doing so I'm afraid we're going to have to accept being the poor relation of Uncle Sam. After all they won WW2 for us and The Cold War.......I just hope they don't drag me into WW3 before I'm dead! :eek:fftheair:
  10. For anyone who missed it first time around, it's on The History Channel (SKY 529) again at 1900 this Friday (November 2nd). Probably be repeated on Saturday morning as well.

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