Col Bob Stewart (military expert!)

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by spider_monkey, Mar 25, 2007.

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  1. Just seen the news and it reported the incident of HRH Prince Harry (pongo) getting into a scuffle with the press types. It then had Col Bob Stewart gobbing off about the incident.

    That bloke grips my sh1t! :evil:

    Am I the only one?
  2. Never heard of him mate. What does he do?
  3. Wasn't he the bloke in Bosnia who was shagging his interpreter? A very fine example of an Army officer at its best, don't you think!
  4. Depends, if his interpreter was female and pretty then thats OK. :oops:
  5. Oooo hello kettle, I'm pot, you're black
  6. Plse remember what expert means. Ex is a has been and spurt is a jet of liquid under pressure
  7. But Rosie even occifers have willies :shock: and they have the same problem as any non occifer, the willies brain. It is more powerful than the brain in the head and is the cause of many a mans downfall. Many politicians have proved this as fact. I rest my case. :cool:
  8. I am sorry ... are you saying that men think with their willy? Goodness me, that is a novel idea!
  9. Well known fact Rosie. Its called Willie control i.e. the willie controls the man, the man does not control the willie. A little like women and shoes really :lol:
  10. Shoes! I don't think so all women are interested in is money because as sure as night turn into day one follows the other.

    As for Colonel Bob, seems a decent sort of a chap.
  11. Used to be known in the "old Navy" as a case of "Dick take coxwain".

  12. Slim

    Why does female and pretty come into it when you are on station, OK I would like it to be female, but pretty, take what you can get, pretty is just a bonus.

  13. Rosy

    Thinking does not enter the equation. God gave man sufficent blood to operate either his brain or willy but not both together.

  14. Perhaps I did not make myself clear, I was clearly bemused by the mere concept that men actually think at all .... with their willies or indeed any other part of their anatomy.

    Still you learn something new every day!

    And Slim, what is wrong with shoes? A woman can never have too many shoes, or little sexy ankle boots or FMBs.
  15. The bloke's is a ‘has been’. He gets dragged out of his box every time the military get mentioned in the news and he passes comment on issues which he has little or no understanding. What, apart from the Bosnia thing, has he ever done and when will the limited credibility he gained for that run out?

    He should thin out from the public arena and do something more useful!
  16. Still seems a decent sort of chap and if the media are daft enough to keep lining his wallet who can blame him?
  17. Col Bob Stewart was the CO of 1 Bn Cheshire Regt in Bosnia when it all kicked off. His warrior AFV was also hit by a landmine on patrol in Bosnia from which they all managed to get out of and clear the minefield without further mines going off. The 1 Bn Chrshire Regt also deployed on Op Granby (first Gulf war) as part of 7 Armd Bde and fought in just about all the actions during that campaign.
    No doubt he has also been on several tours to Northern Ireland during his time where he undoubtedly showed his ability to command. These blokes don't get to be the CO of an Infantry Bn for nothing. They are well qualifed blokes who really know their sh1t. There is a lot of competition to be the CO and only the top few ever make it.
    Having said that he is probably slightly out of date with some of his views, but you can bet your bottom dollar that he keeps up to date where he can and still has many contacts in the service.
    Anyone who has a past knowledge and keeps getting asked to comment for money would do the same. He generalises on issues without going into too much detail. The mark of a very astute man.
  18. Yes sir!-----No Sir!! 3 bags full Sir!!
  19. Robin WIlliams said it best: "How weird is God? Gives a man two heads and only enough blood supply to operate only one at a time."
  20. Seem to remember that for all his undoubted character and military skills at the time, his judgement left a little bit to be desired. Didn't he get caught knobbing his translator??????????

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