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I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but I’ve just brought some lunch & when I looked at my change I noticed that the 2006 version of the 50p shows some rather smashing pics of our armed forces. It seems that some marvellous person at the Royal Mint must have decided to emblazon military style symbols on the coins. When one bears in mind all the bs about the unpopularity of the Iraq war I think it’s great that someone at the Royal Mint has put two fingers up against the tree hugging, hippie types & the PC saps. Who, no doubt, would rather have the purple telly tubby shown…

So far on the 2006 50p’s I’ve noticed the Victoria Cross & also a picture of two soldiers dressed in DPM fatigues, one appears to be carrying the other whom I presume is wounded.


- source, Royal Mint


Vesper, I will hazard a guess and say the coins were minted to commemorate the 150 annivesary, of the inception of, the Victoria Cross.

Semper Strenuissima.


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Correct Onions, (again!)
The two designs were dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the VC.
They have also been issued in "brilliant uncirculated" condition, within a simple presentation package describing a brief history of the award, and a some facts about various recipients. I particularly liked the following:-

"Company Sergeant Major F.W.Hall, Acting Corporal L.Clarke, and Lieutenant R.Shankland, who were all awarded the Victoria Cross in the First World War, all happened to live on Pine Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It is believed to be the only street in the world in which three VC recipients have lived. The name of the street was changed by the city of Winnepeg to Valour Street, and a bronze plaque was mounted on a street lamp in honour of the three men"

THAT is a memorial!



Lantern Swinger
Its probably the nearest any of us will actually get to a VC. Being the highest possible award to any of the serving forces, they are somewhat rather difficult to win. I think most chaps who get them these days usually die in action or shortly after, and the award is posthumous.