Coffee morning

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by rosinacarley, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. I believe there is a Regional RNR weekend in Plymouth 3/4th February. I wonder if we would all like to meet for coffee again?

    Stand fast Jesse and Mazza who will be doing their training!!
  2. Is that the meeting where you will be informed that you are to be disbanded?
  3. Your avatar is a little worrying now!! Do you know something we don't?
  4. Always ready for a coffee morining ...............
    and the more the merrier :lol: :wink:
  5. more what josie?
  6. Lovely idea Rosy - count me in darling :wink:
  7. Coffee morning? How gay.

    What about an apples evening?
  8. apples evening top!!!
  9. Oi, don't mock - how many RR socials have you organised and attended?

    This will be our second coffee and those that attended previously thoroughly enjoyed it. And we have the photo to prove it.
  10. We currently have three votes for apples...
  11. Tell you what then Shakey - we can do coffee at 1030, and then to the Harbour Lights/Wheelers with the RNR in the evening. If you would care to come into the chat room sometime you can help arrange both!
  12. Sorry, but computer says 'no'.
  13. Oh dear you afraid of us then lovie....we dont bite you know.....well not unless you ask.............. :lol:
  14. I'd love to come but unfortunately there is a big sea and a vast amount of land between us :lol:
  15. shakey, its 4. I'm on fer that! Wher eis this taking place? south coast? Not good...
  16. Possibly available
    Will let you know

  17. What the hell is a coffee morning?
  18. Doh!

    Where people meet in Costa Coffee or Starbucks and have a coffee, put a face to a name and take pictures.
  19. Its where friends get together and have a chat ... share laughter and gossip.........

    And have a COFFEE.....!!!!!!!

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