Cod wars

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by snapdragon, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Hello all. Doing a presentation on the Navy's role in the Cod Wars. Getting information, but it's all a bit samey and I'm finding it hard to find out which RN vessels were involved. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
  2. If I recall, there were two "Cod Wars" early and mid late 70s. I was in the "second Cod War" if you like, which was around 1976. I was on the Hermes at the time but volunteered for a loan draft to HMS Eastbourne. We were rammed at the aft end by Icelandic GunBoat Baldur, and had to return to Rosyth. Was great fun.
  3. Thanks guys, even a few ship names helps!
  4. Hello NB! The instructors are ace, couldn't be better. It's the kids in the mess that are f-ing me off.

    Thanks for the links! Anyone got a list of ships involved?
  5. Couple of bits I have picked up over the years, the Icelandic coast guard in the third Cod War used the then very new collision avoidance radar to get close to the trawlers and warship. Also many of the collisions were caused by the lack of experience on the Icelandic side of the interactions between ships close together at sea. Remeber all the stuff about doing a RAS and how you get into station and break away, they didn't know that and thus assumed that when they hit a ship it was because the other ship had rammed them rather than that they had put their ship in a position they could not escape from.
  6. An important point to remember is that given that Iceland still has lots of fish, and the EU doesn't..that maybe they were right! Gulp!
  7. Was up there 76 on the Achilles. We were not long out of dry dock having new bows attached as we had lost the previous ones on a bump with an oil tanker in the Channel, so we were a bit wary going up there with the good ship Thor "knocking" about...
  8. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Welsh accent - "interaction...interaction......interaction....."

    Possibly the dullest film ever but first time I took a ship into a RAS it all came flooding back...
  9. 1973 Cod Wars: files at the National Archive involving collisions between HM Ships and Icelandic gunboats.
    ADM 330/72-82: HM Ships SCYLLA, JAGUAR, LINCOLN, ARETHUSA, ANDROMEDA, APOLLO (some involved in more than one).
    Might not be the full list of ships taking part, but were any NOT involved
    in collissions ? Seemed like it at the time.
  10. Further to my last there is an Official History of the 1958-61 Cod War. Material used in it's preparation are held in the National Archive in ADM 306.
  11. There on Rothesay in 72/73 ish but we got diverted chasing the Russian Fleet for a while as well.Tried to blag the seaboots but had to return them.
  12. Did 3 stints up there in 1959 on HMS Jutland [Battle class destroyer] 1st one was 15th June to 5th July - relieved by HMS Vigo. 2nd trip was I think 12 August and Was relieved by HMS Urchin on 11th September making a hight speed dash to Rosyth carrying a critically ill trawlerman. 3rd one was I think Oct to Nov but do not have dates. The 3 areas round Iceland patrolled were Butterscotch [NW], Toffeeapple [N of iceland] and Spearmint [E].
    the following signal was received from the trawler Kinston Agate to announce her arrival from home.

    HMS Jutland bless her hid,
    Strutting around full of pride
    Noting the calendar,
    watching the date,
    Wondering what's happened to Kingston Agate
    Patrolling around the Icelandic waters,
    Thinking of mail from wives and daughters.
    And knowing you've had too much fish
    We've brought along a tasty dish
    Boxes of apples, banabas and fruit
    from the folk at home, we hope they suit.
    And seven sacks in polythene
    Full of mail, or so they seem.
    Three for the Captain, from his wife,
    And two from his girl friend - what a life.
    So now here's to Jutland, no need to guess,
    We'll meet you seven miles from old Hornness.
    And for bringing your mail, a deed so fine,
    Knock a couple of hours off our Haven time.
    [and we did!]

    Note. transferring mail to and from ship to trawler by small rubber boat in those seas was dicey to say the least.
  13. I was on the RHYL when she 'nearly' got to the Cod War around the mid 70's. We pulled into Rosyth dockyard to store ship and during the dinner hour, me and a messmate went into the dockyard for a couple of pints. We returned to find a scene which made our day.

    The RHYL was making a real effort not to go to sea.

    Up the pointy end there were fire engines and harbour tugs hosing the ship down. Back aft, everything was normal. Apparently, a cable had exploded in the forard generator space, which caused a mega fire and wrote a Genny off.

    Accordingly, we should have remained in harbour to correct the defect, but unfortunately the Pusser was short of war canoes to take on the Eskimo's. Hence, we sailed in a right old state.

    Nonetheless, around the time we were passing Cape Wrath, or thereabouts. The Cod gave up their war and we were allowed to return to Pompey for repairs. I love fish.
  15. Nice choice shippers, bet you were a chef, or a Medic. :thumright:
  16. PMSL!
  17. :nemo:
    I can remember seeing some of the frigates alongside the wall in Guzz in'76. They were in a hell of a state, dents and rust streaks all over them.

    Quite a few had concrete in the bows and girders or railway lines sticking out port and starboard side at the stern, below the water line of course.

    Steel ships then....they could take it. If it happened now I 'spose The Government would cave in and find the nearest table to sit around and say very sorry....please do as you like!

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