Coco drink?

Discussion in 'History' started by Vesper, Jun 13, 2008.

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  1. Hello all,

    Most of the old ww2 RN books refer to a certain drink called ‘coco/coca’, which apparently consists of some sort of hot chocolate mix. According to the veterans I've spoken to this was originally in the form of a large, thick, block of chocolate which was heated and then poured into a mug. The drink was supposed to give a bit of an energy boost for those on watch and was a great comfort on the convoys.

    I just wanted to check on the validity of these claims & ingredients as it does sound like a very interesting drink. Has anyone tried it or does anyone know if it's still available from somewhere?

  2. Let's hope it's not Cocoa; it sounds like it could be. You'll look really silly if it is....
  3. aka KAI. The dark unsweetened chocolate was supplied in a large block and was grated into a mug and hot water applied. I misssed the WW2 version but certainly in the 50s it remained as before. It was also very nice to gnaw with sharp young teeth.
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  4. Also grated into a large fanny, water applied and stuck under a steam drain in B boiler room to boil up. Then distributed among the middle watchkeepers.
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Kye. Block should be scraped with a pusser's dirk, never mind traces of red lead, grease etc on the blade. Needs can of Connie and plenty of sugar and go easy on the water, spoon should stand up in it on its own. Do not use water from firemain (see dit somewhere else in RR).
  6. Food and hot drink in one.
  7. Sounds... er... "Nice"
  8. It could be... I also remember the vets referring to it as Kai, how exactly does one acquire the ingredients as I really want to try it! Is it just general melted dark chocolate and sugar or?

  9. onI think the economy plain dark chocolate from Tesco's would serve for experiment. I believe the WW2 Kai had a lot of cooa butter included.
  10. Now, at the risk of infringing the Official Secrets Act or upsetting OPSEC,
    I place in the public domain one of the Navy’s best kept secrets, the recipe for Kye (AKA Kai).

    This recipe is enough for two people (in most cases).

    1. Break a small bar of plain dark chocolate into pieces.
    2. Place pieces in a saucepan with one mug of hot water.
    3. Heat up until the chocolate has melted.
    4. Add one tin of condensed milk.
    5. Bring to the boil and serve in mugs.

    6. Add copious amounts of sugar to taste.

    When out at sea, on look-out watch,
    The hours pass slowly by,
    But maybe someone brings to me
    A mug of steaming kye

    Anyone caught tampering with the above recipe, will incur my wrath.

  12. I must confess that on my brief stints aboard HM ships in the modern period I have not come across Kai being brewed, am I correct in assuming it has gone the way of the rum tot?

    I may certainly try it, but I'd like to try & get hold of the right chocolate, maybe the choc bars in the 24hr rat packs would be appropriate as they are usually quite tasteless?

  13. Most accounts I've read describe Kye as being a chocolate-hot water mixture made in hot, polished fannies, accidently (or deliberately ;) ) flavoured with Bluebell polish.
  14. Your description vaguely matches an ‘exotic training video’ I once saw, but I don't think it was referring to Kye ingredients... ^~

  15. Kye fannies, were treated with the same reverence as grog fannies and were NEVER EVER polished. :thumright:
  16. Ooooo! :notworthy:
  17. Gently on the steam, or 2 things happen, redecorate the machiney space, and become unpopular with those who were Full of hope
  18. I have a feeling dark cooking chocolate might be nearer the mark with the chocolate. Though it was delish it had a fatty skin on top so it probably did have a lot of cocoa butter in it
  19. Jerry_Hatrick got it right on the button lads.Original kye was just large blocks of pussers cooking chocolate a tin of connie and tons of fcuckin sugar,thats where the energy boost came from.I'm surprised so many of you modern seadogs have never heard of it.
    Heres a modern version which all the baby dingers have, much to their delight I have to say, when they come to stay with nan and gramps.
    1 or 2 big bars of Green & Blacks plain choc. placed in the pan with the required amount of water as J.H directed and a 400gram tin of Nestles connie. I use Green & Black because of it's high cocoa solids content(about 78% as opposed to cadburys shite which is about the lowest you can get).We need to watch out for men in black now J_H

  20. Showing my age here, I remember my Dad coming on leave during the war, and bringing a bar of said Chocolate. being deprived of Nutty ( the chocie kind) I broke of a piece, it was awful. But then later Mum made a big chocolate cake with it, that was a lot better.
    Funny how reading this site stirs memories.

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