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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, May 26, 2008.

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  1. Met up with one of my wife's relatives this weekend(he's an ex crusher but I don't hold it against him,it takes all sorts) when the subject matter got around to watches we have bought when in the mob.

    They seemed to vary from place to place but we both agreed that the cockroach inside them never lasted more than a few days.

    Is it still common practice for Jack ashore to invest in a time piece bargain such as Rollex or Amega (deliberate spelling mistake)

    I remember buying a Securira ? in Gib in 1972 only because it was about the size of a saucer and looked good,only lasted 3 weeks before it exploded in bits.

    I did buy a real Omega which I still have for £97 from the NAFFI in 73, worth a fortune now but sadly has died a death.
  2. Bought a Rolex Oyster in Aden in 1961for £12.10.00. told by all the experts it was fake! Somewhen along the way I sent to Rolex for a service kept it for a few years until 2002 when I sold it to a shop in the Strand for £125. So much for the beatle!!
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I've still got a Roylex that I bought in Malaysia 5 years ago, still works and it's waterproof! cost me a whole $40 also forked out for a real Omega Seamaster Chrono last year, it's the best watch I've ever had, I would recommend it to anyone.

    You should get your Omega to a good watchmaker for repair and servicing, there's profit to be made there! Don't send it to Omega! I sent my Tissot for a service, it came back f*cked and has been back 3 times since, I haven't worn it in nearly 18 months. (Tissot, Omega and Swatch are the same company)
  4. Got a real Rolex Air King, waterproof but keeps gaining 5 mins a week.
    Got a Turkish"Rolex Submariner"For £18 keeps time to seconds a week,but fogs up in a steamy bathroom. For the cost of getting the Air King serviced by Rolex I could have a week in Turkey and a new "Submariner".
  5. Bought a Rolex in Singapore in 1990 for about £12. It lasted 2 years. No idea where it is now.
    Bought a Seiko Kinetic in Abu Dhabi in 1998 for £95. Kept perfect time. Cracking looking. It was nicked by a scrote who broke into the rugby club changing room, along with my wallet and phone, in 2004.
  6. Bought a stainless steel Rolex Oyster in Singapore in the 60s for about £28. Wished I could have afforded a gold one. It needed a service, which cost about £7 then, every year or so to warrantee the watertight integrity. Gave it to my son a couple of years ago.
  7. Mine is a fake stainless steel Rolex Oyster Perpetual-DateJust bought in Phuket in 1991 for $US20, keeps the time to the minute but the stainless steel is not so stainless.
  8. Bought a Tissot Automatic Seastar pr516 from Naafi in the 70s, cost £60+, lasted years before I lost it somewhere.

    Have three Tissots now, best watches I've had :thumright: , but have never sent them back to the manufacturer, had the crsytal replaced on the work watch at a local jewellers for a fiver - no way will I pay the oodles that the manufacturer wants !!

    Can't abide these fat 'look at me; I've got a bigun' fugly watches - much prefer the slimmer dress watches, tasteful and smart without being in your face!!
    Any plonker ( look at Beckham and his ilk ..... :pukel: ) can wear a Rolex - but it doesn't mean you're the bees knees !


    Edited to add: Had a mate, who forked a fortune out for a Bulova, only to have it nicked in Mombasa.. my old Timex survived that visit !!
  9. My dad's Longienes watch (not sure what type, but a windy up one) which he got for his 21st birthday back in the early 1950s STILL GOING! Only the strap has needed replacing and a couple of services.

    Who said you need modern watches!
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I had a watch that was guaranteed to last a lifetime... as soon as the battery ran out, a razor blade would come out of the strap and cut your wrist! :wink:

  11. Lol SPB , good one :thumright:
  12. Rod
    If you are never going to get your Omega repaired then cash it in on Ebay. I did with one of mine which had a broken mainspring, still got about £75 for it.
  13. Have had it repaired a few times but now due to its age its down to cannabalising another one.
    I have the address for the Swiss watch company who reckon they can fix it so I might try them.Cheers
  14. Still got my '91 ish Seiko 7002-700J automatic on my wrist, my daily driver, bought in Abu Dhabi for £60, when they were £220 back home. I have three other Seiko's but I keep going back to this one for daily wear, its durable and comfortable.
  15. I believe the way to tell a Cocky Rolex from the 100%
    genuine article is that the sweep hand on the real one
    should rotate in a constant smooth circular motion.

    If this is the case, then the one I bought in the Little
    Chef Car Park off junction 24 of the M5 for just under
    £4500 has me somewhat worried........
    :sad5: :sad5: :sad5:
  16. In that case the £18 one from Turkey is real cos the sweep of the second hand is the same as the £1100 one bought from a major jewellers in Bournemouth.

  17. Have a looksie on E-bay, search, Seiko, vincentswatchemporium, amazing, brand new and genuine at £40+
  18. Er, the divers autos are £, not a bad price by any means, but the souk might still have a few bargains :money: I have seen them on Ebay for $10+ used, so you pays yer money...

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