Cocktails that Jack has introduced to the world

My favorite was THE AFRICAN....

Double Woods in a half pint glass topped up with strong cider.....

got you ''there'' PDQ

Jenny had her take on this.....


substitute Woods with Bacardi....

Any thoughts on this Jenny_ Dab...signet...rosinacarley...snapdragon...wkdwren ? 8O :p :lol:


Lantern Swinger
Remeber in the Bugle in Fareham in about 1974 a little drinky called,


1/2 Pint Glass, with either a double Woods, single Pernod topped up with coke

or a Double Pernod, single Woods topped up with Coke.

It looked like cold tea in the glass, but, took your leggs from under you.
Try Southern Comfort and Gin 50/50, no ice or other mixer. Known as a `Lightbulb' because your insides light up! :idea: 8O
Haslar Club Special Bitter.Nobby the Manager would pour all the slops from the drip trays and sell it to skint MA's and NN's the procedes going to charridy!Ah the heady days of fortnightly pay!
Jenny_Dabber said:
Long Island Ice tea - like rocket fuel for the innocent!
Now that is a drink to put hairs on your chest, tastes all innocent, looks all innocent but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First met it in an Irish bar in Washinton.

My personal fave is pina colada but I did try a 'from russia with love' at a recent 007 party - vodka and cranberry/raspberry juice! It was the cause of me telling everyone I loved them in Lil's the other night!

And once again for that .... I am sorry!
Forgive me for pointing it out but wasn't stirling's original question about "Cocktails that Jack has introduced to the world"? I'm not sure that every nancy slurp on the planet qualifies for that.

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