cockroaches and weevils


Lantern Swinger
Don't know what happened to them after I left Lynx in March '62. The only sea time I had for the next 22 years was on the Star Ferry and Brown Bagging it for 'pleasure cruises' on the Grey Funnel Line!
Scylla always seemed to getting disinfested. They always did it over a weekend alongside in Chatham.
It really sucked if you happened to be duty weekend, waiting for meals on wheels to turn up, as the galley was shut.

They seemed to re-appear as if by magic, though. We always reckoned the buggers hid until the death squads left.

I was Chatham based until late '80, and RSU still had the old Cat Class ships there.

Robbed blind, of course.
submatelot said:
Oh the memories sitting in the stalls at Samberwang waiting for your EGG BANJO with money in the pot as a cocky appeared on the table BANG GRAB EAT if you were first to devour it you would grab the pot

Memories again!..... did you have one, or many, sharing your plate of nosh in the 'restaurants' outside the bars?

Nothing like having a cold 1/2 egg banjo when you woke up in the morning, providing one of your messmates hadn't scoffed it in the meantime !!

More memories?.... minesweeping the dockyard bar, after kicking everyone else out, when you were bar patrol.