cockroaches and weevils


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Did you have a locker full of roaches?(no I dont mean the smoking kind) :roll: or a bowl full of weevils for breakfast.?Added nutrition maybe,but infestation on some ships was pretty bad.My first ship the Eagle in 64 had to be fumigated due the large amount of cockroaches.Everybody carried ronson lighters(high flame)whilst queueing for nosh to burn them off the bulkheads.Despite not keeping food in ones locker the buggers still managed to make themselves at home. 8O Weevils in the little cereal packets was also a problem.even though they were sealed.It was waiting for them to rise to the top of the milk and spoon them out before eating,mind you it took practice and you would never get them all and we got used to the ritual 8)

Of course we came across cockroaches ashore when dining out at such gourmet place as bugis street and the stalls in sembawng village at Singapore.But they were bigger and more likley to nick the spoon off the table rather than the mutton curry. :lol: Any thoughts :?:


seen an albino cocky once on hmas melbourne,IT was living down the e/r
Prob a uk import, brown bread courtesy of left plastic sandle(work that out)
harryaitch said:
Nutty,thankyou that bit of technical knowledge,what no infestation apart from the crew?!!


Thats why WAFU's were never found on boats they died along with all the other infestations.

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errmmmm nutty m8 i dont know how long u was on boats but u should have noticed no sun deck for wafus on their hols thats why we didn't do boats :lol: :lol: :lol:


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The old galley(Canada Block)in Haslar was rife with them!Turn the light on at night and the deck was black with the little buggers!


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First night at HMAS Penguin and we were just settling down for a kip, when one of the new lads in a top bunk starts pulling it apart saying he had found a spider. Just as he got back into his bunk, Buckwheat asked if it was a Redback. Dunno was the reply. Well I'd watch out if was you as they work in pairs. Neither him or his oppo in the bunk below got any sleep that night
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errmmmm nutty m8 i dont know how long u was on boats but u should have noticed no sun deck for wafus on their hols thats why we didn't do boats :lol: :lol: :lol:

In modern times yes, but not a correct statement unless you allowed us Dabtoes to mess about and launch your beloved flying machines.

E22 and a couple of other E Class boats, circa 1915, were fitted with two Sopworth Schnider seaplanes on the after casing. Boat would dive to float them off and partial surface to recover.

M2 Lost in January 1932 near Portland. Fitted with hanger and aircraft.

Must have been WAFU's of some type to look after said aircraft and throw them into the air.