Cockie Die

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. I'm sure I've taken part in one of hang on, that was muck on a truck when alongside in AMP and no galley.
  2. My RM Driver "Thug W.."Used to eat them regularly, he`d walk up to the bar and smile at some one who`d just bought a pint and open his mouth, thered be a couple running round in his mouth and start chewing. As people spewed or ran to the bogs he`d mine sweep.
  3. Happened to me in the, was it the home club, up from Portsmouth dockyard gate on the right, pint on the floor in the telly room, picked it up took a swig, something in my mouth, spat into hand, cocky, aaarrrggg
  4. Bombay Runners, yummy.
  5. Mate of mine put a big fat juicy one in a microwave once ....

    First it ran around ....

    Then it laid on its back ....

    Then in exploded!

    Stunk to high heaven and took him an hour to clean the microwave!
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  6. AB Fishhead,while waiting for his next boat,was given the job as messman in the Chiefs Mess at Dolphin.Part of this job included working in the pot wash next door to the main servery.It had a very healthy Cockiie population which was mostly ignored.However your hero spotted a can of aerosol insecticide and wondered if it worked on Cockies the same as Flies.Squirt,squirt at every Cockie in sight including the ones on the trunking which ran over the servery.Seemed to have little or no effect at first so I returned to the pot scouring.A little while later Chief Cook looms looking more than a little vexed.To cut the story short the Cockies had started dropping offf the trunking into the waiting scran a fact which wasn't immediately notiiced.I don't know how many Chiefs dined on Cockies that day but Chief Cook's tone left me to believe it was too many.

  7. Lucky I was RA - hope I wasn't duty that day!
  8. wal

    wal Badgeman

    [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]On exercise in the bunker at Warrior. We were accommodated at RAF Stanmore Park.
    Routine for scran at weekends was brunch 0600 to 1100. Lunch 1100 to 1500.
    Bunch of us having been for a DTS as one did in the 70s return back to base just before 1500.
    “Lunch has finished, lads” says the WRAF cookie. They had a hot plate for frying eggs, a bit like you see at the road side snack bar sleassies. Pissed I was but hank fucking marvin also. When I spied some cockies scampering around (no Bombay or should I now say Mumbai runners). So I scoop up a hand full and toss them onto the hot plate. What happened next was a bit of a blur but apparently WRAF cookie grabs me by the shirt front and plans one on the end of my jaw and it weren’t a kiss. Anyway when I came round soon afterwards, she has cooked us all stake egg and boat rope.
    We of course took her out after supper and she joined us in getting rat arsed.[/FONT]
  9. Slumming in a hotel on Coco Beach, massive cocky in room, my roomy freaks, knocks it to the floor and stands on it.

    When he takes his foot of it just runs away, he freaks again legging it from room shouting for me to get rid of it, pansy, was a back aftie though so kind of expected.
  10. Towing Crew on "Triumph" when she was going from Pompey to Chatham ... Damn ship was riddles with Bombay Runners. 4 of us sat in the mess ... One "tail gunner" in a high seat swivel chair armed with two cans of pussers fly spray ... one behind twisting the seat as "bomb aimer" and the other two as "beaters" ... flushing the cockies out of hiding where the bomb aimers and tail gunner pressed home the attack ... shortly after we had to vacate the mess due to the amount of flyspray fumes! Amazing what you do when you're bored!
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  12. [​IMG]=============


    LA CUCARCHA - a catchy little tune (origins in the Mexican Civil war, Pancho Villa etc.)

    Plenty of YOUTUBE clips but this one raised a chuckle

    TNN - LA CUCAMARCHA 1993 - YouTube
  13. Not as weird as "Naked Lunch"


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