Coast on BBC 14/12/2006

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by hantslad, Dec 15, 2006.

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  1. Did anyone see Coast on TV last night? Thre was a bit about the Royal Navy Divers making old ammunition safe in the Thames Estuary. Anyway the reason I am posting this is because the Navy Lt in his CS95 apperared to have a flash on his shoulders. I couldn't see it properly, but I don't think it said "Royal Navy Commando" - could it have said "Royal Navy Diver"?

    He also had a big patch on his left breast that said Royal Navy (like the Royal Air Force ones - but on the other side?)

    Is the navy going as mad as the RAF and making our guys where loads of badges?

    Can anyone shed any light on this, cheers
  2. I thought it said ROYAL NAVY EOD
  3. Hantslad,

    I'm surprised you've not noticed this rash of badge fever that has been slowly working through the RN (and the rest of the military) in recent years. Chest patches with 'Royal Navy' on for wearing on CS95 are becoming common - God knows why, our rate/rank badges show exactly who we are; in PJHQ there appears to be a new badge every week including an AWFUL white ensign but in green and black FFS!, Divers have made up there own rank slide for CS95 which is wholly unofficial but the powers that be appear to ignore it. The only shoulder badge we should be allowed to wear on CS95 is Royal Navy Commando - for those who have earned the right. Trying to copy the bootnecks and Army in having a plethora of badges just makes us look like silly little playgound copycats. Uniform is uniform is uniform, so we should just stick with that. I'm getting irate now and I was actually having a good day!
  4. hate to be the bearer of bad news but a RN memo has authorised the wearing of a shoulder flash bearing the words 'BOMB DISPOSAL' for qualified personal on C95's only which will soon be issued. What the Lt was wearing was an unnofficial diving unit badge as it read 'ROYAL NAVY' 'EOD'. Also new C95's now have a small union flag on the upper arm. If in doubt stick a badge on it
  5. Thanks for sorting that out for me. Being a part time pnogo, I don't work with Jack that much, so haven't seen the "Boy Scout" mentality (although the army is pretty bad)

    My knowledge of the Navy comes from being a Navy brat, when my old man left the mob in 1999, he was very anti CS95 and badges "why would I want to look like a minging pongo?" he would say
  6. In that case should we ask for 'bunting tosser', 'scab lifter' and 'duvet technician' badges in case non-MCD guys feel left out? I am too old and stuck in my ways, I know!
  7. jambosun,

    you would burst a blood vessel if i told you the different shoulder titles i have seen lately. Cant list them all but the worst is royal naval reserve in blue and white on combat jackets. urrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh. why oh why
  8. Come on Bisley, until they gave us RNR rank slides in a fetching shade of green, it was all we had to identify us an Jack rather than Pongo or Crab.

    But this badge thing is getting silly, started a thread on RNR forum saying just the same thing!!
  9. Bisley,

    you're right, but in this pink and fluffy navy we now have nothing surprises me any more! I seem to spend my life picking up people for being incorrectly dressed - no cap/beret when outside, wrong shoes (males and females), ridiculous ear rings, make up, hairstyles (females) and if I am having to do it, what are the DO's and Div SRs doing? Not a lot on the face of it. Actually, to be honest I quite like being at that stage of life when I can officially be a grumpy old man!!

    I should say that I think the EOD guys do a brilliant job and it was great for the branch to get a bit of really good TV exposure last night.
  10. noemis,

    i believe i never saw you with one did i. Half of VL stores maybe, in fact thay have shut down and moved to Nelson. They heard you were coming back. :lol:
  11. The whole fleet has heard!! No mug shots in RAF stores yet!!
  12. What are us matelots going to do for an ego trip when the Army bring in barrack dress, and CS95 becomes a uniform for the field only?
  13. Wear No8s with pride!!
  14. arrh jambosun
    you are behind the times. After a long and exspensive consultation period requiring the setting up of a project team with 10 captains to be promoted to admiral to head it they changed NO8's to No4's. God knows why.
  15. Here here. If regular matelots get back into proper naval uniform, it might even catch on in the RNR.
  16. Good God!! After reading all this, i'm glad i left when i did!
  17. They obviously went from No8's to No4's as a 50% saving!

    Re the Coast prog,i was waiting for them to blow up the sunken ship!What a let down!!!!
  18. A few years ago when MEO on a Hunt our Cox'n (You know who you are) came into the Mess in overalls with the sleeves cut off (Tropical!!) & more badges than Tom Cruise in Top Gun mode. The only way to treat these tarts is to take the piss out of them.
    When pusser started to issue shoulder tabs with RN on them was the thin end of the wedge, we are the Senior Service in the Senior armed forces in the World. The RN is so small everybody is on nodding aquaintance. Instead of sorting the big issues out (christ it took them 15 years to sort out a decent pair of overalls when I was in) we continually fiddle with badges & Women Officers ball gowns, even then the Minewarfare badge was for years issued with an upsidedown mine on it.
    The Sceptic Tanks love their we want to go down that route, I think not.
    As a tiff we had no badges, if you need a bigger badge than a branch to tell people who you are or what you are doing then obviously you are not doing very well.
  19. The only place even the Army wear green CS95s now is in office buildings!

    I've seen various badges on CS95s but here's one that'll get blood boiling! It has now been decided that all personnel serving in Afghanistan (or maybe wider afield) should wear Tactical Recognition Flashes on their CS95s. The TRF for RM commandoes is the dagger. Therefore, all personnel (notably quite a few nurses) going out to HERRICK are now sporting commando daggers on their CS95s!

    I'm shocked - what about the rest of you???
  20. AngryDoc,

    I think the Sykes Fairburn Cdo dagger patch denotes those personnel serving with 3 Cdo Bde and certainly RN (inc Medics) who have worked with Bde have worn it in the past. As Bde are the lead HQ in theatre then I guess it is ok. As long as they don't start wearing shoulder flashes !!

    I'm glad there seems to be a common thread of disapproval against the collection and wearing of badges. I got loads of them when I was in the Cubs and don't feeel the need for anymore thank you!

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