Cnut tries to blow up aircraft

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by smeeg, Dec 26, 2009.

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  1. why are dicks like this even allowed in our country to "study".
  2. If you've ever flown on Northwest/Delta you would understand the temptation!
  3. Until we get the military to control our borders these cnuts will keep coming to plan their offensives, the Home Secretary says he is "comfortable with the amount of people arriving here" would he like to put it to the vote? never mind we will have our say in a few months.
  4. sussex2 Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 8:25 am Post subject: Re: Cnut tries to blow up aircraft
    If you've ever flown on Northwest/Delta you would understand the temptation!

    I agree flew to louisville, ky for a course took 13 hours, 9 on 767 with no headrest tv's and 4 hours on a plane two seats wide that was fun.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I blame the cabin staff :wink:
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Welcome to the site digger84, good to see that you considered your first post carefully and didn't rush into it :lol:
  7. well there is not point beating around the bush is there Janner?
  8. Pretty shite engineer though, couldn't even make some simple electrics work!

    (Thank god)
  9. Do you believe things will change when the Eton cabal take power?

    So lucky that the bastard could not detonate the device, these 'people' are brainwashed scum but at least the Yanks will incarcerate him and throw the key away.
  10. For fcuks sake folks, who in their right mind would want to travel to that country in any case.
    If you do wish to do so then you deserve all you likely to get; crap service, queues for everything, and the worst food the world has to offer.
    Dig out of you want it, but breath a sigh of relief if you do not.
  11. Sussex, that mate is a crap comment, following your logic then Britain is the shithole of the world, full of nutters who only want an Islamic republic and Halal meat.

    This was a religiously motivated hate crime and was targeting innocent people of many religions and countries, IE Terrorism, posts like yours are just the sort of thing "they" are looking for. As someone who married a Yank and now lives here all I can say is thank goodness not everyone is as blinkered as you.
  12. It's time to bring in this new 'x-ray' security system. If you don't like then you find some other fcuking way to get there. If you don't pass through, you don't fly, simple.
  13. No no no x- ray machines is too easy.wot is required is a full cavity body search with crabbing cloves without any starters.
    Any failures the death ray machine in the heads and bacon sarnies all round.
  14. FFS Fink, put the red flag away, twinscrew never mentioned anything political, but your defeatist post assumes that this bunch of [email protected] will soon be history. I'll drink to that - and that is political !
  15. I will be as happy as the rest of you to see the back of them but history tells us that the only other party in the running are no better, so basically we are all doomed.

    Anyway to get back on track, if what I read is correct then why was this scumbag allowed to board the aircraft when he had been on a FBI watch list for the past 2 years?
  16. Beats me Finks, when I see old ladies and retired vicars given the twice over/strip search at airports and this [email protected] gets through.. don't make sense, or are little old ladies and retired vicars a soft target !
  17. I think the 'P' word is 'profiling'.... can't be seen to be targeting the bleedin' obvious... like you say .. it's racist....bollox to that, bring in profiling. Any dark skinned, shifty looking raghead gets the dogs set on him/her (can't be sexist)
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Because Finky me old mucker the Yanks are as guilty as us Brits of letting the PC/'uman Rights brigade run the asylum.

    We don't want to be seen as being racist or anti Islamic so shy away from confronting the truth. Just look at the Muslim major who ran amok with a pistol at a US base the other day, no-one wanted to voice their concerns about him for fear of being branded a racist.

    The sooner the police stop tackling innocent people taking photo's of churches and admit that the bad guys at the moment tend to be Islamic, have names that revolve around derivatives of "Muhammed" and aren't predominantly white the safer everyone will be.

    However, that will involve breaking the PC stranglehold that has been applied to policing over the last decade or so.
  19. Who needs explosive devices when we have blonde bimbos lighting a ciggy while walking to the aircraft and the tanker is refueling alongside. One realised that day it was true about the dumb blonde theory.

    And of course the knob head on Dublin apron straight of the aircraft and the ciggy pops into the mouth. Irish maintenance worker would have made the old RSM proud. What is it with this smoking thing the flight is only thirty minutes from gate to gate.

    Delayed for four hours last week due to a snow storm one guy moaning you would think they would relax the smoking laws in a emergency like this. It is the first time I have experienced a take off with the aircraft spinning on ice engines on full power rumbling noise outside but no movement. Great!!!!!!!!!!

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