clustrophobia[however it's spelt?]

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by jesse, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. I'm a old ex R.N.who suffers from raving clustrophobia[nobodys perfect] Therefore my options were limited. The Fire Service was out of the question,I dont even like to think about submarines. I hated wearing decontamidation gear.and thought zip fronted jerseys were sent from above. Have any Royals ex. or serving actually had to crawl through tunnels for real on active service?I had nightmares after seeing a film about the U.S. Army tunnel rats in Vietnam. Anybody know if they were all volunteers or detailed? Faced with the prospect I honestly do not know how I would have reacted. This is not a Nails type bite. how the fcuk is decontamidation spelt anyway?
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    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Claustrophobia & Decontamination - the spelling I can answer, I leave the rest to others qualified to answer!
  3. If it's that bad then you were lucky to get in at all!
  4. I gritted my teeth and fought it, but it was hard going.
  5. You wouldn't of liked my old job then. Donning a diving suit and exiting a Submarine.
    Best place I can think of for a Claustrophobic in the mob would be on the flight deck of a Carrier. 8)
  6. I've been afraid of cloisters for years. ;)

    I'm even more scared of being higher that half way up the wall bars! o_O
    Real Men can sit on top of wall bars without a nappy on! :evil:
  7. IM the same.

    I was fine for years, not a prob on board etc, til I slept in the back of a landrover ambulance on an Advex in the New Forest. Woke up with a start ar silly oclock in the am, couldnt breathe etc.

    I can even start panicking when watching soemthing on tv, like archaeologists going into an Egyptian tomb, etc. Sad, when I like archaeology.
  8. There is a good book on the Yank Tunnel rats called "The Tunnels of Cu Chi" At first it was a case of being dicked to go down the tunnels than a specialist unit was formed.

    Can't comment on our Marines.

    As for claustrophobia I am pleased to say not something I suffer from. Been pot holing and all sorts I feel for you, must be awful.
  9. :lol:

    I Found out that if you ate lots of Pies n' Pasties you where never Volunteered to go down tunnels...

    Or go Parachuting..... (cheers Dutchys!)


  10. Heights never bothered me' in fact did several civvy static line jumps at an airfield at Headcorn Kent whist working at H.M.P. Brixton. I was also o.k. on the London Underground and lifts but had to prop the door open in telephone boxes. The problem started when as a kid I had a heavy bell tent collapsed on me and I nearly suffocated. I managed to keep my nerve as a magazine ammo loader[just] but asked the G.I. round at tot time and got changed to A.A. lookout. As for lucky to get in nobody asked me and I never told.I forgot to mention that it only got more serious after i suffered a heavy stroke a few years ago.
  11. Post of the Month, for sure, PMSL. :D
  12. I remember the rat down one of the tunnels on the common probably left by the training team. We sent the ugliest down to scare it off. It was years later when I discovered why they had sent me first! Tawts.

    For those about to venture to the common in the future let those who had the curry the night before go last!

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