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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Touchstone, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. Sorry If this has come up already, point me in the right directions if so.

    I have a burning desire get a commission with the RM, but theres some medical problems I am not quite sure about.

    I was born with Club foot (talipes) on my left foot, not that severe. Not long after birth I had surgery to correct it. It does not pose a problem for me now but I wandered if this would stop me from passing the medical. It would, I believe, not prevent me from 'undertaking military training' so it shouldn't be a problem.

    It would be terrible if this was the case, as it is the only route I can see my life taking.

    I also wandered about eyesight. My eyesight isn't that great so I where corrective lenses, should this be a problem? Where can I find the exact details of my eyesight? Will it be on an optical prescription?

  2. if you can jog 30 miles on it without it hurting and jump off numerous high objects you'll be fine.
  3. Until you hit your forties, then commando/arduous trg comes and bites you...knackered knees, fcuked back, ankle problems etc :bball:
  4. So I should be ok then? But what about the medical examination? I should get the all clear? From what I heard corrected injuries shouldn't be a problem...

    I have yet to go 30 miles but I should be ok. As for that I will worry about that in my 40's, I don't care about my injuries as long as I get that green lid.

    Now about the visual impairment...will that pose a problem?
  5. I suggest you either speak to your local AFCo about these issues or PM a couple of blokes on here known as ninjastoker or angrydoc. They might be able to help. As for not caring about your injuries in later will mate!!
  6. what exactly is wrong with your vision?
  7. Nothing much, it's just not full spec, so I have to wear 'corrective lenses'.

    What exactly is an AFCO? I had better start getting some more info/interviews sorted out.
  8. If there corrective lenses you should be fine, AFCO means 'Armed Forces Careers Office'.

    You'll be fine mate
  9. Sounds good.

    Will go to my AFCA.

    Currently finishing my A levels, then going for a degree.

    Now is it possible to pass AIB and get a place at Lympostone defered for when you finish a degree? Like with AOSB at Sandhurst.
  10. OOH you will mate :strong: even women are running faster than me FFS
  11. Try wearing a skirt then they always did say woman with skirt up run faster than man with trousers down.
  12. As per my sentiments on my last post.

    Touchstone you need to look after yourself mate as when you get a bit older you tend to realise that nobody else will pay your mortgage and clothe your kids. I have someone very close to me who was born with exactly the same medical problem as youself. She was operated on as a baby and some of her first photos included a plaster cast. As a consequence of this she has a slight shortening of one of her legs which in turn has led to problems with her hips. I suggest therefore that you make absolutely sure that this is what you want to do if indeed you have the same problems.

    Good luck!!!
  13. This is too true........however this is not applicable in Scotland as you know :rendeer:
  14. Mind you in True Scotsman rig you are always ready for action!

  15. I too was born with talipese, and have recently completed 23 yrs in the RN, not the same as RM I know! As long as you point it out at the time of your medical I can see no reason for it being a problem. best of luck.
  16. Well I went to the AFCO.

    They said because of the talipese I would not be eligble for service in the Navy and therefore the Royal Marines.

    So my dreams are crushed and I feel like my life has no direction. I don't know what I'm going to do now...could do with some advice.
  17. I'm afraid the AFCO is correct - clubfoot, corrected or otherwise, is a bar to entry. I know a lot of our standards seem strange, as you probably have no problems with your feet at all at the mo. However, we look on it as a duty of care thing. In the RM you are required to engage in strenuous exercise, and if we know you have a predisposition to problems then it wouldn't be terribly responsible of us to make you crack on with it.

    If it's any consolation, at least you have found out now and not when your application was further on. Many people are turned down on medical grounds at a much later stage, which is obviously harder to take.

  18. I'm genuninely really sorry to hear your news Touchstone it must have come as a great blow to you. Although you must be absolutely gutted at the moment your a young man and something will come along and present itself that will enthuse you.

    Good luck

  19. Yes. I feel very low at the moment, it felt like the greatest opportunity of my life just disappeared.

    Looking into joining the Army as an officer, will have to fill in some medical questionnaires, though it is not looking hopeful. I am determined to have some place in the armed forces. Though the recruitment officer was trying to discourage me, saying it would be extremely hard to get into Sandhurst, and that my GCSE grades, Math's and English at grade C and everything else at grade B was not good enough.

    I have heard about a lot of American servicemen who have served with talipese, and I don't about the guy above ^ saying he served 30 years in the Navy though....if I am not eligible for any of the armed forces I will be truly gutted.

    Thank you for your help though.
  20. Try the army...or RAF? Dont harm yourself tho ;)

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