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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirling, Jul 6, 2010.

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  1. I have 2 kids and I sometimes find it a struggle towards the end of the month and I'm on slightly more than that, we're not exactly starving to death but it's quite tight.

    Miind you I do have an expensive and destructive heroin addiction to pay for, that's the problem you see, it's just so moreish.
  2. That's the spirit, I like to see you poor people content. Its not good when you start lusting after bigger salaries and luxuries. Makes you soft and weak.
    Hungry keeps you keen and striving, and as long as we keep adjusting the goal posts on a regular basis, it drives you on.
    Anyhow if you had the same as me, who would do my flunkeying for me, gad, I'd be doing my own shopping in no time at all, can't be doing that.

    I hope you're paying attention Sherpa Stirling. :wink: :D
  3. IF I still needed a drop from a passing dray then £ 20.000 would be a start. :D
  4. How can you employ a decent butler and valet if you only have 14K coming in? A good gardener and cook is also a must.
    Ex-Matelots have to keep up standards you know!
    On second thoughts I'll settle for a Swedish au-pair with big knockers and red shoes!
  5. Dont pay em.When youv'e got their kids in the cellar people are remarkably responsive.Ask JJ :lol:

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