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I'm on leave until I deploy (3 weeks)
Currently based in HMS Nelson but I've taken my leave in central Scotland.

I need to grab tropical 1's, I was wondering if I can just show up at HMS Scotia (Rosyth) or another base with my kit book and MoD 90 and request the kit there.

Thanks gents

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Scotia is an RNR unit.
My gaust would be flabbered if they hold any tropical kjt at all, let alone in your required sizes.

Might Faslane be a better option? If not your home establishment, Nelson being the recognised lead for this.


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I’m pretty sure you need a signed request form for “Grat issue of Tropical Uniform” from your DO in order to get the issue in the first place, not just KRB and ID Card. You certainly used to. Plus as B-H says MOD Caledonia is small, has limited need for Tropics, even with POW crew living there. Faslane is a better option but the security situation with regard to getting in is difficult. When I was last there we were having to do visit notifications for matelots not based there. They couldn’t get in on just their MOD90. It may have changed though. Bottom line having you act together before going on leave would have made life immeasurably easier for you.


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Travel back to Nelson early, lose some leave, get some trop kit.

Then spend remaining leave on the p!ss in Pompy.
(OK, that bits probably a bad thing)


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