Closure of NI Ops.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nutty, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. I have just read this article on BBC Internet News about the finish of service operations in NI.


    What did concerning me was this part which I lifted from the article:

    [From now on, the legal status of the Army here will be same as it is in Wales or Scotland - no longer will it be "operating in support of the civil power". ]

    Am I to take it that the British Army and by default RN and RAF have a differenct standing/status in England as to the the rest of the UK now the situation in NI has returned legally to normal. Or is it just another jouno playing fast and loose with the truth.

    Any experts out there who know.

  2. Were the armed forces acting as "operating in support of the civil power" as part of the floods, and that was the difference?
  3. Hi Nutty,

    As far as I'm aware, the Army were under the Emergency Powers Act in NI, and had less constraints about searching people, different Rules of Engagement etc as long as it was operating with the RUC - ie supporting the Civil Power. These powers were specific to those units serving in the province.

    Now that all is tickety-boo in Ulster, obviously those special powers have now reverted back to the same as those units serving in Great Britain, ie Scotland, Wales and England. Mind you, since the Welsh and Scottish have their own parliaments, you never know.

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  4. So it's done.........until next time!
  5. Not an expert by any means but there are different categories in which the Armed Forces can work including Military Aid to the Civil Community (MACC) ie the floods and Military Aid to the Civil Power (MACP) ie Internal Security such as NI or troops deplying to LHR. Each does give specific legal status, and possibly powers, to the military. Personnel sitting in Devonport, RAF XXX or YYY Barracks are not engaged on any of these hence yes they have a different standing in the eyes of the law.

    Many will have served on OP BANNER, some displaying great courage be they RUC GC/PSNI, green mil and the wo/men with masking tape over their eyes. It has cost many their lives and more their sanity to some degree or other. Let us hope that the government continue to provide the care and assistance required by all.


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