Closure of a Dockyard.

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by DingDong, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. What I find most dispicable is that Porstmouths' NBC has got himself on the front page of the Pompey new saying that he is going to take on the other two to ensure survival, where's the team ethos?

    Mike Hancock has yet again found someone to do his dirty work for him. What exactly does he do for the city?? We're reaping the rewards of letting him back in now.

    In reality we should be turning our attention to the RAF, who have as many air stations as they do squadrons, yet they refuse to base more than one type of aircraft at any one station. Not to mention the fact that if they streamlined their technical trades, they could probably shave 10,000 people out of their strength.

    How exactly do you close one of the dockyards when they all offer different services?
  2. Congratulations on your total grasp of aero engineering and airworthiness requirements. It may be equalled by your understanding of aircraft operation and the various limitations on it.
  3. the only limitations placed on air ops are the fact that we let the crabs exist. the RN/RM and ARMY would be much better at employing Air Power
  4. Ah yes. I remember Sandy Woodward well. A total grasp of warfare in 3 dimensions; as long it had water round it.
  5. And probably the best grasp in his generation as well.

  6. You mean the man that used Invincible as a type 42?
    I kid you not have none of you heard of Op Canbelow or the 2 other times she entered the coastal waters due to the fact that we had lost Coventry & Sheffield with Galsgow damaged by then. Leaving only Exeter & Cardiff.
    Have you not read Sharkey Wards book about the Falklands?
    IMHO Woodward didnt understand Air warfare.
  7. Its very easy to criticise from 24 years on, someone who had to make very hard decisions under a lot of pressure. Maybe it was him who could see the bigger picture...
  8. disagree, 2 major assets Hermes & Invincible, he said himself that if he lost one of these, he would have had to call things off. but heyho 24 years on we can all look back.
  9. I never said he did understand air warfare, but he did know the game underwater, and that is what I said and will stand by.
  10. Well, that clears up the dockyard closure debate then. Just close down both Devonport and Pompey and leave Yeovilton and Culdrose fully open to keep the wafus happy. All you now need is some aircraft to fly and maintain and we will all be sorted. :)

    Nice one.
  11. " All you now need is some aircraft to fly and maintain and we will all be sorted. "

    Hang on that sound like the crab spin from the 60s & 70s, **** it better keep talking about ships!! lol
  12. Didn’t that include the claim `we can defend the fleet anywhere in the world no mater where they are` you don’t need expensive carriers and escorts!
  13. OK, back to thread.

    GUZ has access to open seas and stacks of room. The Amphib assets are there and it's handy for the Booties. It's in a high unemployment area.

    Pompey has busy sea-lanes and loads of choke points. It's in a low unemployment area.

    Faslane has the V Boats and water deep enough to take the Carriers. It's close to Lossie, whatever A/C goes in the Carriers. The Jock Mafia would never allow its closure.

    I had a good 10 years in Pompey and I'll be sad to see the Base close.
  14. Mind if the firkin government started to invest a bit more in the forces and stop using them as a way of making savings all the time, there would be no need to close any dockyard.

    We are going to be up shit creak without a paddle before much longer, if they continue to keep closing bases.

    Added:- Perhaps if the government stopped giving money to immigrants to come into the country and more money for them to get out, then there would be enough to once again have the best forces in the world.
  15. There is apparently strong pressure form the Treasury to cancel 2 T45s, presumably to pay for the extra cash for service in war zones.

    Dear old Gordon gives with one hand and takes away even more with the other.

  16. The Royal Navy exists to protect the Merchant Navy! as the Merchant Navy is about non existant why do we need the former - besides which all the old enemies are now citizens of Britain now so why bother - we've bloody well surrendered already! Can't you feel the knife between your shoulder blades, curtesy of B'liar and company!
  17. I think you might be right, we are becoming the minority. I did some work in Bognor Regis last year, of a population of about 45,000. Some 10.000 of them are eastern Europeans. And this is just 1 seaside town, just think what its like accross the UK.
  18. went to blackpool couple of weeks back & practically everyone is east european, the same with Butlins at Skegness.
  19. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The T45 issue, as explaine to us by the DEC is more a case of delaying the last 2 into the next financial round, not a total cancellation. This has the effect of making them more expensive, paradoxically, but, according to the bean counters at least we will still get them.
  20. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The RN does a little bit more than just act as escorts for the Merchant Navy - provision of nuclear deterrent, force for good, maintenace of security for overseas dependancies etc. It may appear gloomy to the casual observer but we have the biggest building programme that I can remember in over 20 years. Whith the CVF, T45, new LPDs, LSAs and ASTUTE etc we will have a truly world class capability.

    I would not deny that there is healthy degree of cynicism, based on some well documented procurement fiascos, and there is also an element of 'jam tomorrow..' but these ships are in the yards and will be in service - if none of us believed that then we might as well all give up and go home, and giving up is not something that we serving chaps do easily...

    Simple facts surrounding the Naval Bases is that we can't afford, nor do we necessarily need the number that we have at the moment. Which one goes and who stays is anyonme's guess at the moment, the one thing certain is that it will be a long term decision and certainly not something that happens overnight.

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