Closing the border

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Flagdeck, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. "get those legs up to shoulder height!!!!!!!!!!"
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  2. Brilliant! Maybe this could catch on other contentious border areas...
  3. I'm fuckin grateful we never had to do that I would have been dead by part two.
    It took all my strength to lift my bleedin arms that high.
  4. Ha ha ha - funny as fcuk. Loved the handshake at the end.
  5. Do we do that when the scots fuck off.
    Negative hand shake.
  6. Regardless of the outcome we will not be fucking off anywhere soon.

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  7. Good man.
    That mean I don't have to paint my face blue and drink Irun brew in the near furure.
    It's really not my colour it clashes with my eyes.
  8. They have a similar ceremony when poundland shuts in Blackburn
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  9. Aye, red and blue do clash, as for the Irn Bru the old chip van at Faslane used to do a roaring trade in that amber liquid for the lads to take back to their pits after a night down the Imps. It quenched that pissheads drooth that comes upon you about 0300 with a vengeance.
  10. Personally I can't stand Irn Bru. I found it best to get hammered, stop off at Soapys for some chips which were always stowed under my pillow "for later" and generally just pass out.

  11. Nor I but it's better than drinking your own piss.
  12. Cold chips in Scotland=a salad
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  13. And there's Fink's expecting us to beleive you can tell the difference between Irun Brew and piss.
    Be telling us next he's a tory.
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  14. I read somewhere (probably last months issue of Nuts) that Irn brew had to drop the "made fra girders" as tha ASA said it wasnt, bugger, there's me thinking it was a good source of iron and I needent eat mi greens
  15. The reason I don't believe a word of this yarn is that the hinge pin revolves around you expecting us to think you can read.
    Wrecker told me you thought NAMET was a quiz show.
  16. I bow to your experience but not something I would wish to prove.
  17. I'll ask him when he and Finks finish discussing the merrits of drinking urine
  18. I can just picture that ceremony on the jock border...........high kicks in a bit breezy round the trossachs !

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