Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mechanicnog, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. I'd be obliged if anyone could tell me if "operation clockwork" is still organised through 846 Sqdn at Yeovil, from January to April.

    I was with 845 in '72/'73 and have vague memories of my time at R.No.A.F Bardufoss. In particular travelling 12 miles back from an excercise in the "Bundu" in something called a "Prinoth," which broke down after 3 miles!

    Best of all though were the film shows in the communal dining shack, which was afterwards surrounded by "Green snow!!"

    Happy days!!!
  2. So much alcohol was consumed at RNoAF Bardufoss that the only memories anybody has about it are vague! My favourite was Moose's Milk; a concoction of Bacardi, Tia Maria and milk as I seem to (vaguely) remember. The luxury mix of the drink also had ice cream in it.
  3. I was with 845 in '72/'73 and have vague memories of my time at R.No.A.F Bardufoss. In particular travelling 12 miles back from an excercise in the "Bundu" in something called a "Prinoth," which broke down after 3 miles!

    Was you on the Rusty B in 72/73?. I was a baby bunting in them days :cool: :cool:
  4. Yup! 'Fraid so!!

    In fact '72/'723 was about the best 2 years out of my 22!!
    During that time I served with 845 in Fearless, Bulwark, Sir Bedevere, Albion and Hermes; as well as with detachmenst in Denmark, Norway and Canada!!! Talk about living out of a kitbag!!
  5. Oh Dear!! That brings back some strange memories!!!

    'Though I do seem to remember standing ouside the Galley shack one night, awaiting the booze ration (Or was it AFTER the booze ration?), staring up at the "Northern lights"

    Well it MIGHT have been the Northern Lghts, but, as you so rightly say, the alchohol did flow quite freely!!!

    Wasn't a bottle of rum about £1.75? I know we were very welcome at all the Norwegian forces "bring a bottle" parties!!
  6. Clockwork is still going strong, not so much fun as it used to be, but still there. The boiler house is long gone, with a new complex being built in the 80s.
    There were no lights on this morning when I drove past clockwork, another late night I guess :)
  7. Good to hear Bardufoss is still going!

    Do they still have a party at the first sign of the sun? I remember attending a "Sol Fest" party wearing borrowed bathing suit, tropical shirt and sun glasses! As the sun peeped over the top of the mountaion we all left the warm comfort of our host' home to leap about in the snow - Not advised when the temperature was -32C.

    Needless to say we were back inside within about 10 seconds!


    The houses partyhope you have a good "Sol fest" - Isn't that about Mid Feb?you're still enjoying the Bardufoss hospitality
  8. I did clockwork in 75/76 with 845 and had a great time! The boiler house kept the barrels in the store and the water usually froze and so the rest of the brew was wicked!
    I went back to Bardufoss on the summer repair party. What a difference - sun for 24 hours. Coming out of Ann's Inn at 2.30 in the morning to bright sunshine was weird. Great place - great memories.
  9. You mean you actually REMEMBER leaving Anne's Inn at 2.30 a.m.?

    Shame on you!!
  10. Clockwork is still alive and well and a quality detachment. New pass-times ( As well as aircraft work you understand ) include Tip Sock Skiing, Driptray Surfing and the ever popular " Nails ". Clockwork usually culminates in half of the detachment being sent home early in a Noggy ambulance after attempting the Settermone Ski Slope in a Dewliner with Pussers Planks - lovely !
  11. Now THAT sounds like the clockwork I remember - But how about tank baiting in the woods?
  12. They are still tank baiting in the woods on the german airfield, there is another ex-clockwork raiting working as a tank commander here, not long till the sol fest, sun should be back at the weekend, only -8 and light snow today.
  13. Only -8C eh!

    One of the lads came in the tent one day and stated that it was -38C, no one batted an eyelid until an REM(A), (Remember them?) opened one eye and said slowly, "That's twice as cold as my mum's deep freeze!"

    At which we all became rather cold and fought for a space around the Herman heater.

    Thanks for the reminisce!!

    Have a glass of schnapps for me when the sun comes up!!
  14. The hermans are long gone, which is a shame, as they worked much better than some of the things they use now. The whole place has gone joint service, the whole thing took a dive when the SNOB's job was taken away. There is still fun to be had, but it was never the same after the boiler house.
    I will have a schnapps for you when the sun comes back, much better than the bad moonshine that is still about :)
  15. In 2009 Clockwork will have been on the go for 40 years, any intrest in a reunion or a PU?
  16. Would love to attend.
    Where and when?
  17. Count me in Hairy poppins. Don't look like drafty will be sending me that way anytime soon, so I'll have to pay my own way.That'll be a novelty, having a seat instead of the ramp on Fat Albert!
  18. I was on clockwork 72 as a bootie in (Elverguardsmoen?) It was Norwegian Army summer barracks that they shrewdly abandoned in the winter and on the edge of a old war dump that was crammed full of German helmets. My main memory was being continuously hungry and being banned from Narvik. The final 11 days was a huge exercise where we uprooted, smashed or creamed into thousands of silver birch trees in an attempt to ski across Norway with the equivalent of a bungalow on our backs. The girls were gorgeous. A proud member of 'Goddards ghosts' as the local rag called us.
  19. You've been very quiet Noggy!!

    Amything further on the re-union?
  20. clockwork 2011-2012

    guys, sorry to burst you bubble but clockwork has changed, J/R no longer allowed spirtis, reason unknown, internet is monitored so they can see what sites you go on. Just look at jolly jacks comments from a few months ago the title Powder Kegg.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2012

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