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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by noggie, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. In 2009 Clockwork will have been on the go for 40 years, any of you that remember the Boiler house or more recently Milliways would fancy a reunion or PU of one sort or another? I am just trying to get an idea of how many would be intrested? Where and When?
  2. What's Clockwork? (I already know my watch is :))
  3. Clockwork is the Junglie squadrons winter training base, Bardufoss in Norway.
  4. As a clue to CLOCKWORK, lifted straight from the MODWEB;

  5. Hi again Noggie!

    This seems to be a continuation of the "Clockwork" thread which started in the "Newbies" forum om May 20th and then "fizzled" out.

    I hope a "gathering" can be arranged and I would certainly be interested in attending - wherever it was held - Perhaps the organisers of Clockwork 2009 can come up with something?

    The "Noggies" always loved a "Bring a bottle party!!!" It took me days to get over their "Solfest"
  6. I will talk to the bosses and find out if there is anything planned, the base here is going to support any going on over here, will let you know what I here,
  7. had my first experiences of Clockwork last winter, the place is amazing! Sadly I'll miss out on 09 (killicks course) but I'll make sure the lads have a few for me!!!
  8. Clockwork is a junglie thing for aircrew & maintainers to practice fighting and survival in extreme cold weather conditions. This training has proved instrumental as all junglie front line squadrons put the skills obtained to the best use in the MIDDLE EAST !!!!!

  9. You want "extreme cold weather conditions" you should train in Canada in the winter! :w00t:
  10. That idea was the aircraft could self deploy, and it was also a cold war issue, a short distance from the russian border.
  11. Looks like there is going to be a get together for ex clockwork guys and girls this october in the yeovil area, PM me for details :thumright:
  12. I went on my first clockwork exercise in 1967 with 845 we were flying Wessex 5's from the Bulwalk, great fun as I remember it, two of my brothers did it for years with the same squadron, one flying the other maintaining like me.
  13. don't know if anybody still reads this site but i was on the first land based clockwork in 1969 with 846 sqdn. all previous threads seem to be from quite a few years ago so maybe nobody reads about it any more. if you do please let me know.
  14. Not many left from the first detachment, maybe you remember Mel prince, he was up here at the start, he is still living up in Bardufoss, there is about 300+ in the "Clockwork (Navy)" group on Facebook, may be you will find some old faces and photos in there ;)
  15. Hiya Noggie. Don't know as I recall your name, is that the name I would have known you as? My name is paul Hewitt and I was an LEM(A) @ the time. I do remember the name Mel Prince but not on the '69 detachment. I've tried to find the Clockwork (Navy) group on facebook but it does'nt find it for me. Is that still a going group or has it changed its name?

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