Clock off for a smoke! Why dont the Navy save money!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by yamyamdabber, Sep 28, 2010.

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  1. Just found this

    Surprised this one hasnt popped up in the corridors of power with the amount of matelots who seem to tab up and the amount of dripping received from non tabbers about the "5 minutes off every hour"!
  2. Standfast submarines of course, no smoking at sea when dived. In addition, when ther was smoking allowed I don't recall any one complaining about smokers having 'time off' as it were.
  3. As a young AEM on 820 Squadron in the 80's it used to P*ss me off that every time the ACRO used to pipe the return of one of our cabs the tabbers used to spark up!!

    Flight deck PO being one of them, hence all none smokers went out on the recovery!!!

    All change now with the flight deck crewoom being non-tabbing!!

    Not enough to start the filthy habit. However was declared as a smoker to get the blueliners for my granddad!!
  4. When all smokers had been banned from smoking in the building :D , I was incensed about the amount of time they would take for a fag :evil: , while muggins here kept working away over a hot PC. Fistly, they were provided with a 'smoking rom', which was gopping! Then they (Big And Expensive) built them a glass bus shelter on one of the few green areas. This pi55ed me off no end, so I used to go out with them 'for a fag'! But you don't smoke, says them, so what says I!

    One of the excuses the smokers used to justify time away from their desk was that 'we discuss items concerning the project' - bollix - no football, fit birds or just jokes then?

    Make 'em clock off, that's what I say!!!!!! :lol:
  5. Yes and coffee at desks should be stopped and toilet breaks should be timed, and anyone taking a personal call, all these should be non paid periods. As I no longer work, I think the working week should be extended to a standard 40 hours, or 44 over 6 days.
    All shops and businesses closed Sunday.
    And NI should be increased to 10% so we maintain a health service that us old farts will need soon enough.
    And no Alcohol at dinner time for office workers to bring them into line with manual workers.
    Now where did I put that whip. 8O
  6. You must be cocooned against the real world. :wink:

    NI contributions are already at 11.5% and due to rise to 12% from April 2011 (link).
  7. Tell you the truth I am, I have not payed any attention to NI contributions since I actually stopped receiving a salary, which was six months after my to do. I received sick pay straight into my bank from my employer, but as soon as I started receiving damages all that stopped. And all my compensatory awards are free of tax and NI encumbrances.
    The only form of tax that is ever going to worry me again is VAT. :roll: :wink: :D
  8. With all that cash loafing about Rummers, you'd better watch out for inheritance tax. 8O :lol:

  9. "I'm going to live forever, people remember my name" :D :D :D ....
  10. How lovely for you.
  11. Yes it is.

    I used to smoke like a chimney at one time but cut back when I had to smoke in designated places.
    I tended to find certain idiots followed you there and whilst a captive audience, bored me sh1tless by beating on how bad everything is/was and whilst being apathetic in "real life" were always putting everything to rights with mouth only.
    Proper little Lower deck lawyers, who if they did not have it then thought no one else should. Envy is a terrible trait in a person.
    Similar to stalking.

    Death tax wont worry me Pete, I wont need it when I'm dead, as long as I'm not bored to death. :wink:
  12. Careful you don't bore yourself to death.
  13. Surely you don't think it was aimed at you do you? I was keeping on thread. If you see any similarities between the smokers scourge and yourself well I empathise with you how terrible.

    Now I've drivel to post in lil's so would you mind terribly if I go, I promise to ignore you later.
    Would you like me to contribute to any causes before I leave.
    You poor politicos usually want donations, and well its only money, and now I don't smoke I can afford it.
  14. I do not recall asking you to make any donations but if you are as flush as you would like to have us all believe, try the Gumpathon.

    Personally I like those round tins containing 50 smokes, 'One all round'.
  15. Personally Fink I don't give a rats arse what you think.
    Being poor would not be a stranger to me and my compensation is not a matter I have published too much about on here.
    And if you fancy going through what I did to get it feel free.

    I don't see you attacking some of the posters on here who frequently flaunt their wealth.
    Now I know it winds you up I might play a little.
    You might need a few bob to buy a sense of humour.
    And seeing as I have only had a small (very small) amount of money so far I hardly think I flaunt anything. If you are referring to my trips abroad, they are all financed by MY savings, it might have escaped your attention that I was in a well paid job until I was stabbed.
    No apologies to you for the comment though as if you took your head from up your arse you would see it was humour in your oh so serious world of doom and gloom. As you said I post frivolous drivel, and I don't care what you think or ask your permission. If you want to be a grumpy bastard its your prerogative, but don't have a go at me cus it suits me to do it.
    Your a long time dead.
  16. Steve,

    Have a little sympathy for poor penniless Finks - His wife squandered all his readies on their 'hand woven silk Persian'.

    Must be a Cat or a Carpet, or something similarly exotic....

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