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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by MasterChief, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. So what do you all think of it, at last we have a cohesive forwARd looking strategy for command and leadership in the RNR.

    Talybont & Crowborough are both uesful elements what do you think,
    I would like to see more Lt Cdrs taking part
  2. Sorry, What? Haven't heard of any of this.
  3. Where have you been?!?!? There's been a big push - all part of the 'Naval Ethos' and the 'Dark Blue Line' ("extend what is common sense for our best leaders into common practice for all our leaders") which is meant to run through everything we do.

    It's actually good stuff, and will be affecting everyone throught the Naval Service as CLM will be integrated into all training.

    Been sent a very interesting presentation on all of this, detailing all the key components of the ethos, but while it is unclassified I'm not sure whether I should publich details in a public forum.
  4. Talybont and Crowborough? Sounds like a couple of small welsh railway engines. What is "The Dark Blue Line" any way? I thought RN cigaretts were done away with years ago. Or was it something wren officers put on their eyelids? Sorry showing my age.

    Leadership for LtCdrs? Surely promotion took ability in that field into account? Is some one trying to say that certain individuals have been promoted higher than thier ability warrants? That can not happen, can it? I need a stiff drink!
  5. Naval Ethos booklet has been mentioned on a couple of other threads.
    Are we all not supposed to have received a personal copy of this ?
    Mine's obviously still in the post.

    Is presentation mentioned by PartTimer also supposed to have been received by units/everyone ?

    Lt Cdrs promotion requiring leadership ? Next thing you know, they'll require some technical skill as well ?
  6. No, it was a copy of a presentation given to one of the RUs recently.
  7. I think that there are some people running scared. With the the creation of ComMarRes then and the focus now being on output the general leadership ability of people will have to increase. The social club is about to close and the chuntering mass's that would know one end of a pusser grey from the other are complaining.

    The more that we can do to inject a little bit of CLM into everyone from AB upwards the better. What a great initiative.
  8. I think the social club ended years ago RM, and Telic was the last nail in it's coffin. CLM is not just RNR, it's RN/RM wide and derives from experience on Telic. One of the things they found was that too much emphasis had been palced on training leaders, rather than team members. There's now a concept of 'Followship', and that good team members will become good leaders.
  9. I would love to agree with your comments about the social club ending years ago!

    But agree whole heartedly with what you say about followership. As a concept it was first written about in 1969 by John Macgreory Burns in his book transformational leadership, its just taken the RN a few years to catch on.

    You sound very knowledgeable outbout all this, you must be well informed by the HQ
  10. Just what I've picked up from lectures and courses!
  11. If you are serving and interested there will be agreat CLM/Leadership weekend to be had at CROWBOROUGH CAMP very soon , contact PRESIDENT ADVENTURE TRAINING DEPT for details, all welcome , all ranks and rates
  12. sad day when the RNR resorts to Rum Ration to advertise training. Shouldn't we get existing systems right, that way no one is tempted to compromise OPSEC!
  13. full astern
    there is no breach of opsec , i think RUMRATION is excellent long may it helps share good info
  14. Am not suggesting there was any breach of OPSEC, I am pointing out what it might lead to. Already a thread hs been stoped because someone asked the wrong question. Communication within the RNR has always been a problem, surely we do not need to resort to public websites to pass on information, if that was the case why does it not appear on the official RN site?
  15. At my unit everyone was given a copy of the 'Ethos' booklet that they had to sign for to show they'd got it. Is this another example of RU's all doing things differently?

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