Climbing Everest

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Shakey, May 25, 2006.

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  1. I've only just heard that the cripple bloke and his mates who climbed Everest last week actually left a bloke who was dying!

    What the fuck is all that about then? It's not like the mountain was on fire or summat is it. Were they low on oxygen?

    Is it morally right to leave someone to snuff it just to climb the world's biggest mountain? 8O

    Anyway, climbing Everest should be a piece of piss for that double amputee leg bloke, the Bionic man only had one artificial leg and he used to go like shit off a hot shovel.
  2. Ive thought about that long and hard,but i cant find a reason for not trying to get him down,and didnt they pass other bodies lying around up there? I know it would worry me,if i left some poor sod to die on his own,a mountain for chr***s sake,isnt alife worth more,surely there would be more praise for trying to get him down than climbing the bloody thing.
  3. Just as a Bootie did a couple of seasons ago. It's said that rescue is impossible in the 'Death Zone'. Royal proved that it isn't and was awarded the Royal Humane Society Medal for his part. Cost him his summit bid but I bet he sleeps easy.

  4. I'd like to be reassured that there was no British forces team climbing and passing by on the other side.

    I read that the lad who died was seen standing and talking by some of the 40 or so who went past, but it would have cost nothing for one or some of them to be with the poor sod when he breathed his last.

    I've never understood the "because it's there" brigade, but leaving one of your own to die alone is the lowest I can think of.
  5. Pretty outrageous stuff. I wonder how much of their weighing the odds of his survival if they tried to get him back was influenced by the fact that it would screw up their own exped. The right and only thing to do is to try to save him, regardless of the odds. This is what normally sets the human race apart from the animal kingdom.

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