Climate Change

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by higthepig, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. How many think as i do that this is a con by Bliars henchmen, to raise taxes. Considering the size of GB, and its insignificance on a world map, we cannot possibly make any difference, It would take the main continents to make a difference, if indeed the scientists are to be believed, Did they make the same announcements during the age of the dinosaur and the iceage?
  2. I've heard a lot about climate change recently, possibly due to the hot summer but I can't say I've seen any real scientific evidence. The world's climate is constantly changing and has always gone through hot and cold ages, possibly due to the activity of the Sun.

    And if it is down to the human race, then surely that is a product of our own evolution? Perhaps it is our turn to become extinct and let another adaptable species take over? Destiny!

    Anyway, as you have said, it gives the Government the chance to introduce a new tax to pay for Fat Boy Prescott's jags and Tony's jet-setting to the Caribbean.

    Oh, and if we do cut our "emissions" by a few percent, I'm sure one of the developing nations such as India, China, Thailand etc will make up for the reduction!

    At least we get some nice summers :wink:
  3. Can I comment from Cyprus;

    Within the past month we have suffered an earthquake and a dramatic change in the weather. We are experiencing thunder and electrical storms every day, pouring rain and cold weather, way too early about 2 months too early to be honest.

    It is worrying to be honest, by 2pm it look slike night here, the sky is so black and the lightening is too low, the lowest is flashing at a 2nd floor window and it stays like that for hours.

    I think it is all changing, the world is farked and the Ozone is vanishing! Join green peace now and save the world!

  4. Not sure. Who was the foremost scientist in those days??? :wink:
  5. The evidence is real (you can consult the Royal Society) but concerted and consistent action is a pipe-dream. Take attempts to encourage people to use public transport rather that using cars, and London especially, the additional exhaust fumes caused by traffic hold-ups. Well the rail fares into London from the SE are scheduled to rise next year by between 33% & 36%. It is very difficult to square this kind of thing with any serious commitment to tacking climate change, when all this will do is encourage already dissatisfied customers (delays, etc) to return to their cars. It's insane! This sort of thing goes on all the time. If the government cannot do something about something as basic as public transport, over which it exercises regulatory power, what chance is there of any other measures being implemented?

    It's a sick joke for which future generations will pay heavily in increased morbidity and mortality.
  6. For me this only points to one thing, the b&b couple have come up with yet another wheeze to con us all out of yet even more money with yet another tax. And don’t get me going on as to what they will spend it on! The mind boggles at the thought of it and what they have done in the past. :twisted:
  7. There is little doubt that the climate is changing but I haven't seen any conclusive, impartial evidence that points to the cause. There is plenty of speculation with scare stories and rebuttals.

    If it is down to emissions then it is practically an inevitability as a few people switching to bikes instead of cars will not make a difference. We are too heavily dependent on cars as we have a cr*p public transport system with old, dirty buses and ramshackle, unpredictable trains. Let's face it, the Exchequer needs the taxes from motorists so it isn't in their interests for everyone to stop using their cars.

    Also, are we really going to persuade the developing countries of the third world to halt their economies?
  8. Seems that this climate change band wagon is correct.
    Thing is, it's the way the world rotates on it's axix, as it spins it slowly tips letting the polar ice caps get nearer the sun and as such they melt - hey presto more colder waters entering the ocean currents and having a knock on effect on all weather systems.
    The cycle is called "Precession" and apparently happens on a roughly 20,000 year cycle, the geology shows this cycle and to an extent so do a lot of religions - Moses and the flood, just about all the ancient religions have this story so there must be something to it.
    After the ice caps have melted a fair bit the balance of the axis gets more vertical and hey presto an ice age begins, and the whole thing starts over.
    There is nothing mankind can do about it, just take it on the chin, learn to swim and eat fish.
    Green taxes - just an excuse to rip more of us hard working taxpayers!

  9. I call it evolution.
  10. I heard in the news today that Chinas next 2 years increase in CO2 emmissions will exceed UK's TOTAL Co2 output!!!!!
  11. JD is right is a way
    Here in Scotland its been a hot summer but at the moment the bugs and the usual wildlife are still active . The trees are still green with leaves and the grass is growing like as if its spring .

    Mind you is fcukin cold tonight so maybe winter has finally overcome Autumn !!
    It snowed in Aberdeen this morning
  12. The evidence for what is real? Climate change, or the effect on the natural cyclical changes caused by carbon dioxide emissions?

    One school of thought has it that we are overdue an ice age, so has our CO2 production delayed one?

    Man's arrogance is breathtaking! The effect on our world of CO2 production is minimal in relation to the effects of volcanoes and other natural phenomena. We should obviously all be vegetarian, as cattle would be nothing like as numerous if they weren't farmed for meat and they produce methane in huge quantity. Mind you, if we all ate just vegetation, it would be us producing the methane!!

    We should face some home-truths: We have this Earth for a short period of its history and have a duty to enjoy it while we can. This doesn't mean pandering to bleeding hearts and the New Labour tax machine, but taking reasonable care of the place. We shouldn't go to war so that we can impose our own view of civilisation on supposedly lesser societies, some of whom were civilised before Europe was widely populated.

    If the so-called evidence was universally supported in scientific circles it would be a different ball game, but it isn't, so I'll carry on driving a safe, albeit not large, 4x4!
  13. How many think as i do that this is a con by Bliars henchmen,

    Who is Bliar? and more importantly who is his henchmen?
  14. Your username does not do you justice......two and a half years to answer a post :roll:

  15. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh undercover.........
  16. Do you mean to say the my inflated Road Fund Tax has not sorted this problem out yet?

    I dub the whole thing as 'Canute Thinking'
  17. I dont know about a con.But i do think it is the biggest load of bollocks there has ever been.yes i do recycle etc .but this warming business NO :!: ..Its been going on since the world began and will continue till it ends warming cooling ice age etc ..its what the world does as it spins on its merry way with all of us onboard nothing we do will stop what inevitably will happen.we cant get off :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  18. Newsnight Review on beeb2 last night talking to director of......

    one quote from her about Shell burning off ALL the gas from oil extraction in Nigeria, equivilant to MORE than UK CO2 emmisions 8O
  19. Does Anyone know if Chieftiff or PG555 come from the Isle of Man.

    I joined this website because of this.

    I mentioned in an email that the Isle of Man gets less snow than it used to, and was directed on to this website to read reports written by Chieftiff and PG555.

    Because i mentioned this fact, either PG555 or Chieftiff will not speak to me anymore.

    I email him regularly via his personal email address since January 2009, however he will not answer me as to who he is on this website!

    How can i be expected to understand him if he won't say who he is.

    One gives LOCATION: The Greener side of Life
    The Other person has an unknown location?

    One of these people is called Peter and he gets very upset if anyone says the climate has changed?
    He hasn't spoken to me for 3 months because of it.

    I rang him up the other day and he said to me
    "I don't associate with people that say there is a change in the Climate" and he put the phone down on me!

    I and many other's were born on the Isle of Man, so we can see it, where this person was not.

    He lived in Capetown South Africa and Stockport in the UK and was in the Navy sailing round the middle east.

    I live on the Isle of Man and it is like taking me and putting me in a strange location.
    If i wasn't brought up there, i could not comment on climate change.
  20. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Brightspark, you've confused the shite out of me, are you owning up to being a chieftiff stalker or something?

    Confused, not from the Isle of man. :?

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