Climate change..... Do you belive it or not

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by fly_past, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. Is climate change for real?
    Are we going to hell in a basket?
    Is ait all a lot of rubbish?
    Are the changes normal?

    Your view is..............

  2. Yes, I believe climate change is happening.
    No, I don't believe "WE" have caused it. I believe it is perfectly natural.
    We have a mini Ice-Age roughly every 10000 years and are long overdue one.
  3. Most scientists concerned in the area believe it to be true, so I'll go with them.

    Of course you get the tiny minority (the ones the American government like to use in reports) who deny that we are doing anything and that by pumping billions of tons of waste into our atmosphere we are causing no harm whatsoever. Yah right.

    Just look at all the weather extremes over the last few decades. Maximum this and lowest that. Look at the vast amount of evidence produced by the worlds leading scientists in the area. There is a very justifiable reason these people with lots of letters after their names think this is happening.

    And I would believe one of those folk over any stupid neo-con scientist who is on Bush's payroll. Or the Daily Mail for that matter too.

    p.s Lamri I was watching some thing on Earth yesterday on BBC2 and the guy there says we are actually currently going THROUGH an ice-age at the moment, just the mild end of it. Very interesting.
  4. Certainly the climate is changing, it always has and always will. Now is this wholly man made thise time or partly man made or will nothing we do change what happens any way. If I or any one else in the world really knew the answer they would be very rich but no one really does.

    Now should we ignore it and hope it all goes away, I think not, we should certainly take sensible actions to reverse, slow down etc the possible impact we make until we really know whether it is us and whether or not we really can change the weaher.

    The other thing we need to do is separate climate change from the causes of climate change.
  5. OK now thats proper confusing!
  6. For my euro worth I reckon we are in a process of climate change; nothing new, just an ongoing series of events that have always, and will always, happen.
    What effect man has had I do not know, but suspect mans arrogance will make him assume his effect is larger than it actually is.
    What can the population of an island like the UK, or any other single country do about it? Precious little probably so I'm not going to worry about it and would encourage anyone else to have the same mind.
    Having said that I attempt to live as economically as reasonable simply because I don't actually want a lot of 'things'. Life however has to go on and we shouldn't be beating our consciences with too big a stick.
    Mother earth will win in the end no matter what we do.
  7. But you are falling into the eco trap, yes the climate is changing as I said it always has and always will. The fact the climate is changing though does not mean we are the cause, yes we might be but equally we may not. The reality is we still know too little about the heat balance of the planet, and until we can work that out it is all guesses whcih ever camp you are in. At the moment the there is enough uncertainty for either camp to claim they have 'proof' and I fear to many people are choosing sides based on whether they like the Shrub rather than the science.
  8. Yes Climate Change exists, yes we are having an effect, whilst the planet goes through Climate Changes naturally, but how much of an effect Humans are having? Thats where the debate is I think.
  9. A valid point. All we can really do is hypothesise what is happening and same goes for the bigwig scientists.

    Though there has been extensive research into pollutants and temperature changes and there is some evidence that vast amounts of carbon emissions are impacting our climate. This is supposedly due to the poles increasing in temperature as a result. There has never been predictions of this temperature increase and their models of Earth's past also shows no such quick increases.

    But I do agree we could also perhaps be contributing to something which nature is responsible for. And even though unlikely to me, perhaps we are not contributing at all.

    The big question is what do humans do? If we were Americans/Chinese/Indian then we wouldn't give two flying fuks, there's far too much money to be made so never mind that potential world destroying pollution! And to be honest, as long as those 3 countries continue to boom we have no chance of reversing or changing things at all.
  10. Well done spot on, but the Eco Warriors are spouting drivel by suggesting that because the climate is changing, something we can actually see and measure, that this can only be caused by mans actions
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Well I've done my bit for climate change and will continue to do so, I'm all for hotter weather, this rain stuff gets me down.
  12. We may not be wholly responsible, but we are an accellerant, they have found high carbon emissions from thousands of years ago that show up as being just as high as now,(through the testing of ice core samples) what they can't show is how much of the Ozone layer was at those times.

    If you gloss over the reports as a generalization then it doesn't wash, but if you compile the specifics, you will get a better picture of the whole.

    A. Rain Forest -deforestation
    B. Gulf Stream moving closer to Eastern Seaboard and away from Caribbean, causes changes (ala Hurricane patterns)
    C. Extreme droughts in areas that were traditionally temperate...
    D. Ice caps melting at an astonishing rate
    E. Glaciers disappearing or retreating
    F. Animal migration patterns changing..(Polar Bears/Caribou)
    G. Strip Mining for raw materials (Coal in China) added pollutants into water tables
    H. Increased emissions from Asia (Brown Cloud)
    I. Lakes and other water areas drying up due to man's involvement which has an effect on the local eco system which then has an effect on the local weather patterns.(Lake in Russia has dried was a huge one)

    All of these and more will have an effect on one or the other, something like a domino....
  13. I tend to agree with PO and Maxi, the climate change is here, but why? Natural trends which have always played a role may be the leading cause, but is there a man made element? I do not believe that there is sufficient evidence to say it is only man made. It is perhaps interesting to look at the ESA and NASA websites. There's a lot of research into the Martian and Venusian atmospheres to see what happened there. Originally all 3 planets were very much alike, but on 2 of them something drastic happended.
  14. I know just how you feel, though Monday on the Clyde was just about pefect for the time of year when I moved my new boat from Rhu to Largs.

    The problem with a warmer climate is that hotter means more energy in the atmosphere leading to for those of us in maritime climates the probability of more wet and stormy weather so perhaps all we will get is warmer windy rain and more of it.
  15. According to a programme I watched a few months ago. The scientist mentioned Humans only cause 1% of damage to the climate. The majority of the damage is caused by Mother Nature her self including COWS lol

    In my opinion yes climate is changing as it always does. Are we to blame. not to the extent they try and make us believe. Should we do something about we we do? Yes Should be blame all the weather on it? No!

    How can they say the bad weather this country has had is down to climate change when they say "WE'VE N0T SEEN IT THIS BAD SINCE 1974 OR 1953".

    So a lot of it is bollocks in my opinion
  16. Of course one of the major causes of farting cows is intensive beef and dairy farming to support the worldwide expansion of Macdonalds. Cutting down on beef and dairy products could have a significant ipact on the methane released into the atmosphere and any warming impact it may or may not have.
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    What!!!....... :threaten:

    So I've been conned by the lieing [email protected]? There's me leaving the fridge door open and car engine running expecting sunny weather and all I'll get is more rain. Global feckin warming, the lieing tossers, should call it global that gives me an idea.. :dwarf:
  18. WB

    Never trust an Eco Warrior, they wash even less than us submariners
  19. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Aint that the truth Maxi, I was having visions of Roman times when they were growing grapes in Newcastle and running around in togas etc.
  20. Well I don't trust the British Media for starters.
    I run a Discivery v8 which runs on lpg, which is better than petrol and far greener than diesel and all its carcenogens. It doesn't need a cat as its "clean" and it doesn't need oil changes so often as the oil doesn't get burnt as it does with petrol. Green? I don't know. Its load and its cheap. Bit like me!
    Maybe I listen to this guy too much and he makes fun of a serious topic.

    However. I don't believe Al Gore and all his happy followers. Bent science I reckon. And FFS, this is the guy who couldn't even beat Dubya in the election. How Friggin useless do you have to be to loose against that gimp?

    As for global warming, you don't hear of El Neno anymore. Don't hear of the Gulf Stream being diverted South. They've all moved onto Polar Bears drowning and kelp dying off, killing whales. Bent Science.

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