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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by josiecats, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. Hello.... it has been sugested that there is a very CLICKY set of menbers on the site,,,, i have to agree...........and to admit that i thinks its becuse of the chat room............those that have become regular useres have all become good close freinds.......... we all travel to meet each other...we all share our laugh's and woe's...
    Having said that,,there is ALWAYS room for more NEW FREINDS.... so dont sit outside wondering what us nuts talk about please PLEASE come and join us..... your input to the madnesss can only improve the fun....

    DONT BE SHY............COME SAY HI.............. :afro:
  2. Not so much clicky as we all get on and all like one another ( most of the time anyway) and because of this we tend to close ranks it one of us is attacked, we're comfortable enough to rip shit into one another and know it's just a joke, therefore it's easier to take the piss out of your nearest and dearest than take the piss out of somone else and get incoming.

    Agree completely with the there is alway room for more, particually if that more included some nice young brad pitt look-a-like men with Richard Bansons bank balance, prehaps if they are shy they could contact me though pm's and I'd be more than happy to show them the ways of the chat room
  3. That'll be clickiness right there, but as with all clicks it will be vehemently denied.
    I have been in a few messes that were ruined by clicky behaviour and won't have anything to do with it.
  4. Would it not help it we all posted pics of ourselves for avtars ??

    I have started the trend, sorry I am old and ugly.....
  5. my avatar, is as close as I can get it.
  6. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    shouldn't that be

    'Started the trend have I........'
  7. I confess I usually wear glasses but took them off when I had my avater shot done
  8. I also use the farce on a regular basis when holding discussions in here with my Jedi colleagues.....
  9. Lamri, may I respectfully suggest that you come into the chat room one night, try us out and see if you like us. I would think that the difference between the messes that you have been in and the chat room is that there are girls in the latter. We do not do clicky, we do huggy, and kissy, and licky of chocolate off naked Andym, and we also protect our own from varks who occasionally wander in and give what can only be described as real vitriolic abuse, full of hatred. If you do not fall into that category you will be welcomed with a cup of tea and some cakes.

    PS I am not a cat.
  10. I only go into Lil's to abuse people - I'm also on the lookout for old single men ... my avatar is much nicer looking than I am but I'll pm you with my myspace account so you can see the terrible truth. Lil's is full of people who can't spell for toffee so if you fall into this category you will be at home - if you don't I at least will be pleased to see you.


  11. eeeeeeuuuuuuwwwwwwww !
    To be honest i'm busy being a geeky games player most nights which is why i've never been in :) so I can't speak for the "speed dating" room ;) but i've definately noticed of late a lot of threads and indeed posts seem to me to be very clicky in nature and not becoming of a Naval Website, unofficial or not. Maybe its due to the vast amount of members not having any actual military experience (and NO, the SCC is NOT military experience), maybe its the way the world is going. I don't know, but to me it just seems clicky.
  12. HOw about a new members night in the chatroom, anyone can come in, us regulars will only speak when spoken to etc.

    At the end of the day most of those that use the chatroom are those whos names regulary appear in the forums and on the donations lists so it's bond to look a bit like we only stick to our own.


    P.S GR if I'm looking out for the young uns and your looking out for the old uns, what shall we do with the middle uns?!
  13. Obviously the bottle in my avatar is not me!! (I know I drink a lot,but not turned into a bottle just yet!)

    However, the cat below is me. eh?
  14. (un)fortunatly only the top of my head shows,but that's what happens if you have to take the piccie by yourself.. ;)

    clickety click

  15. Cloggie - you don't happen to be a mate of Rutger Hauer do you ???
  16. Uh, oh, I thought you resembled Harold Wilson.... wot wiv those big ears.... hehehehehe
  17. Are we not all 'Clickey members' cos we use a mouse?
  18. I am completely confused; what exactly is a 'clicky member'? From the gist of how I'm reading this thread I can only presume that it might be a civilian poster as opposed to a current/ex-serviceman. If so then is Always_a_Civvy a prime example of a clicky member, or does his days in the RNXS and the Royal Observer Corps discount him?

    Secondly, I am in my avatar. I'm the one on the left, smartly decapitating my opponent.
  19. Peter,
    What the bad spellers really mean is Clique - ey members.

    Clique - Noun. Set, circle, crowd, coterie, gang, ring, party faction.

    What they are trying to say is that within RR there is a little private gang of members who are all great big mutual sycophants.

    "I love you AndyM"
    "No I love you wompers"
    "ooo Josie cats I loved your last post"
    "Why thank you Rosina - yours was particularly good too mmmm big snogs"

    Get the gist??
  20. Nicely put, however :oops: I aint gonna give e any kisses or hugs

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