Clicking ankle

Hi Everyone,

I've spent few weeks reading the forum, it's awesome resource, full of very useful information! So thank you all for this.

I'm currently thinking/getting ready to start application as an officer. However I'm a bit worried about medical test. I know it involves joint check, could anyone tell what exactly is checked? I often get a clicking noise in some of the joints, particularly ankles when I'm not moving for some time (like sitting in the office for 8 hours - it gets worse).

I haven't got any pain and never went to GP about this.

Any advice or information would be much appreciated.
Does it cause you any pain if you exercise, if not shouldn't worry too much, just make sure you're not standing around getting too stiff around the ankles while waiting for the medical. As you've not got any medical history noted cant see it being much of a problem.
Angry Doc/ or Rumrat is the man to ask, why not PM them both. One is bound to reply
Thanks for your reply.

No it doesn't cause any pain at all and I'm doing martial arts without it affecting my performance. Good advice indeed to try and not get stiff while I wait =) Will I be considered mentally healthy if they see me doing some stretching and squats/jumping in the corridor? =D
You've answered your own question. Just keep the joint moving in an unnoticable way, dont draw attention to yourself, by either doing cartwheels in the waiting room etc. More importantly don't ask stupid questions, and only take informed authorative advice from qualified practitioners on medical questions and AFCO advice on joining questions. You'll get good advice and information that way without getting ribbed too much.

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