Click Green: "UK Navy Chief Reveals The Military Response To Climate Change"

Fewer deployments and more time alongside the wall .... all for the Climate Change cause of course ...

In the meantime, will the USN still be flying lots of carrier born aircraft?
In the meantime will cruise ships still be plying their trade whilst feeding people 24/7?

Ah well, I suppose every little helps ...

If Climate Change is man made, what did man do to cause the change in climate that stopped the Romans from growing grapes in Newcastle?


Lantern Swinger
Hmmmmmmmm now would be a good time to talk about CVN, CGN, etc then would it? No nasty emissions, just what the doctor ordered.

Oh look a Taxi, have my hat and coat could somebody sub me the money for the fare? a bit skint until the next payday you understand
"No nasty emissions"

Yup, great idea - oh, hang on, what about the nuclear waste that will remain lethal for the next 200 years or so? I wonder what we would think of the people in the 1700\1800s who had left us a legacy like that?
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