Cleggy? Cameroony or Brownie?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, May 5, 2010.

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  1. Let the R.R. Sweepstake commcence.

    I think Cleggy may get in..for no other reason
    than people no longer trust any other prick of
    a politician.

    Him and the US President getting together would
    sound like some new disease.... The Clegg-Obama Syndrome.

    So my quids on him.
  2. Yep I reckon it will be one of them.
  3. All 3 of them..a well hung parliament :oops:
  4. Cameron! No reason other than I fancy his missus. :)
  5. yeah Sam cam is kind cute she needs a rather good seeing too. :D :D
  6. The problem with this election is that choosing who to vote for is like choosing which member of Westlife you’d punch in the face last.
  7. I do have strange thoughts looking at her with the ice cream

  8. That picture makes her look like some sort of disabled Indian God.

    Edited for shitty spelling of the word "disabled".
  9. Either that or it's like her arse is singing "I'm a Little Teapot"
  10. That's a dwarf going for a "reach under"
  11. Wheres her tits? Is DC using them in a political debate? :D
  12. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I would rather be voting between Kennedy, Boris and Mandelson.

    I have no idea what their respective wives are like, Mandlesons may be a touch on the masculine side!
  13. If all else fails, Wits, we've always got these as a fallback....

    (thats if they still do 'em these days?)

  14. Nah they won't ban page 3, just a last ditch attempt by Murdoch to get people to vote for Cameron :roll: They never stick to their promises anyway so it won't happen even if they promised it would!

    As long as Conservatives dont get in then it'll be allright.
  15. 8O

    (Someone else who is either Jockineese or who has a deathwish. :wink: )
  16. Nah, I just quite like the NHS, police, schools, jobs, regeneration of the poorer parts of the country to give them a better future, oppourtunities for everyone no matter what class they were born into, having a bit of British industry left, the elderly being looked after properly etc. Idealisitic, yes. But for certain Cameron will change all of this and ruin them, so the working class in me says keep them out! Labour have fluffed up too mind, this culture of not working and you'll be better off sucks- and the less you do the more you get. Maybe when I am wealthy enough to go private in every social sector I will vote blue.

    Of course their promises to the Armed Forces are impressive, and something which I think is a step to improve the lives of service personnel and their families; but if they are cutting teachers, police, etc as there is not enough money, where is the money for the Forces going to come from? They deserve extra funding of course, but I fear another Conservative lie to win over the masses!
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You do realise that Liemore have got us into the present mess?
  18. The global recession? Or trying to fix the mess that was the Conservative government in the 80's-90's? Anyhow each to their own, I have ranted, just take it to the ballot boxes now!
  19. Beeline,

    To your credit - An articulate response; indicating that at least someone has somehow benefitted from the "Education Education Education" promise which, together with "Sleaze", brought about the last change of Government. But sadly, you would seem to be among the educated minority, and “Sleaze†(practised amongst many of our Honourable Members on a much larger scale) has featured only as a tiny element of this election's many issues.

    Labour's fiscal prudence (stressed so often in their early years) petered out long before the economic global meltdown; with the result that our cupboard is far barer than those of our partners and competitors. Not a good record for their long innings. Was it?

    Accept drastic changes vital to our recovery? Or potter along with "the fairer future" until the IMF eventually has to step in and impose their solution to clear up Labour's mess? That is assuming the IMF would still be in a position to afford to bail us out (yet again).

    It sounds like you have made your choice, if not there is just a short time to reflect and reconsider.

    I have made MY mind up.


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