Cleggers on force's pay, lower ranks get extra £115 p/week

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by R077, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. As they do not have a snowballs chance in hell of getting power he can spout whatever he likes, safe in the knowledge he will have not have to implement it.
  2. "There is widespread dissatisfaction over pay among the lower ranks."

    Is there? Is that why people are jumping over eachother to join the Services? Salary, deployment bonuses, medical and dental, non-contributory pension - not a bad package. Obviously you never say no to a pay rise, but I suspect this is yet another Lib Dem populist idea which noone will disagree with but in reality will make little difference to anyone.

    I suspect morale would be improved more by general funding increases for the Services - a reduction in the penny-pinching which takes place on a daily basis.
  3. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Re: Cleggers on force's pay, lower ranks get extra £115 p/w

    Good old Libs. They'll tell you the good news (hey! free cash for Our Boys!) and then forget to tell you the every project under the sun is surplus to requirements. So, for you Trident fans (of which I am not one) see ya. Then it'll be the carriers. Then the FSC. Then the navy.

    *******. Just like the other two parties.

  4. He promises a pay increase with one hand whilst promising a few weeks ago to abolish final salary public sector pensions and replace them with a pension based on a lifetime's average earnings. Significant cuts in your service pension would pay for the increase. All parties are committed to halving the value of all public sector pensions. Parliament passed a little noticed law last year which means that they can already do this without any further legislation. The bill got cross-party backing. Someone's got to pay for the massive deficit in the public finances, after all, and it won't be those who caused it who pay.
  5. Re: Cleggers on force's pay, lower ranks get extra £115 p/w

    I'm at an utter loss. I have absolutely no idea where I stand regarding the main parties (ha!) and am trying desperately to come to some kind of idea of who I can place some faith in.

    I'll likely end up voting for a minority party and avoid the mainliners for the sake of knowing that my vote isn't completely wasted.
  6. I would argue that voting for a smaller party is effectively a wasted vote, as they arn't going to get into Government. European elections, local electiions - crack on, as that is different, but for Westminster elections I believe you really have to vote for one of the three main parties. If your independent bod gets in, what difference will one person make?

    I'm probably going to vote Conservative as the least worst option, but I'm not convinced there are any massive differences between them and Labour. They're all politicians and therefore devious, two-faced opportunists who will do no long term good as no politician can see past 4 years (apart from Labour who are happy to run up debts we will be paying off for the next 50 years).
  7. I am not sure I agree, one could extrapolate that idea to the point where the vote for a non winning candidate was wasted. I think in the eyes of the candidates there is a vast difference in their eyes between the "can't be arsed" voter and the "none of you" voter.

    Having said that next election I will be voting for the candidate deemed to have the best chance of defeating the incumbent, but I feel ths is a special case as my MP is Gordon.
  8. Is your MP Gordon, Maxi, or the other fellow, whose name temporarily escapes me. I voted for him last time , on the basis of who he wasn't.
  9. Re: Cleggers on force's pay, lower ranks get extra £115 p/w

    I would rather have more ships or equipment 850 a month is plenty to spend on beer. That buys roghly 1275 stellas if a 15 can case costs a tenner.
  10. Yup I have the dubious honour of being represented by Gordon. I do hope we can change that but after Glenrothes I hae ma doubts.
  11. Re: Cleggers on force's pay, lower ranks get extra £115 p/w

    Whilst I'd never say no to more beer money, you have to worry in these austere times that being cautious with the Defence budget would be an either-or situation. Either all junior ranks get a pay rise or the RN gets another ship.

    The Lib Dems might not get in as the winner of the first past the post system, but if there's a hung parliament they may well become a bigger player.

    As an aside, the Prince of Darkness Mandelson was on Newsnight last night and amongst other things was quizzed on the decision from The Sun to dump Labour. One classic response: "small earthquake, nobody dead".

    Hmm, good choice of words concerning the day's top headline from the Pacific!


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