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I might have a few problems or at least things that would cause concern in my medical history, quite a few years ago probably 4 or 5 years I was young and became sad and introverted because I was having a bad time at school and a bad time at home so my mother wanted me to see a GP, the doctor just explained that I had some anxiety. I have vague memory of it but nothing much came out of these few appointments. I'm not worried about the issue of depression because I was never referred to a psychiatrist or cams (child mental health) so I was never diagnosed, and I never had any treatment such as in the form of therapy or medication.
But because I became quite introverted, there were teachers at school who though I might be autistic. A while after the sadness period (which I was over at this point) I had to go to the GP again but I wasn't going to be labeled so again nothing came out of it, no diagnoses, no referral to a specialist.
So I think I should clear up these, misconceptions, I should call them, and try to get a psychiatric evaluation or get some form of letter from a GP. The doctors I spoke to would have left the medical center now but I need to make it clear that I have changed much as a person and what is on the records doesn't represent me. I need a way to prove the opposite of what these medical records might make someone think.
Does anyone else have any advice or experience with this and knows how to clear it up?

(I have not begun the application because of IT updates they're doing)



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To be honest, if you were never diagnosed or treated for depression or anxiety nor diagnosed with ASD, I wouldn't dwell on it for as long as you know it's not recorded as such on your medical records.

Many young people go through a period of angst in their early teenage years and to be frank I frequently interview first class young people who have terribly low self-esteem, and my heart goes out to them. As you are aware there's no magic pill (which many seek) and as people naturally mature and become more self-confident, the angst diminishes. Understandably parents are on the look out for symptoms such as potential mental health issues as they have the best interests of their child in their hearts but very often it's just a case of letting nature and maturity run their course.

What to do? Get a copy of your medical records, see what they actually record. If there are things you disagree with - discuss it with your GP before you apply.

The trouble is that when we suffer from something, we don't routinely go back once the ailment is resolved. The issue is the AFCO Medical Examiner will write to the GP to confirm there has been no further recurrence. If you resolve the recorded issues upfront, your GP can then add a note to your records ahead of your medical to record the fact that there were no further issues since dd/mm/yyyy, and he/she is content that everything is satisfactorily and fully resolved.

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