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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by GASH_DITS, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys

    passed my DSA in sept and just been accepted onto clearance selection course in aug 09
    "thats the earliest one free apparently!"

    I would like to know what level civvy qualification you actually get out of the branch, as i what to know what kind of jobs i would be looking at out side.

    many thanks
  2. See the sections covering Great Britain on these pages of the UK HSE (Health & Safety Executive) website:

    Schedule 1 - Offshore diving
    Schedule 2 - Inland/inshore diving
    Schedule 3 - Shellfish diving
    Schedule 4 - Scientific and archaeological diving

    Schedule 5 - Media diving
    Schedule 7 - Police diving
    Schedule 8 - Military diving

    Sadly, the RN no longer conducts bell/saturation diving. Thinking ahead is good but isn't it a bit premature to be focusing so much on your diving prospects outside before you have undertaken the RN selection test, let alone qualified? Some might even question your motives for pursuing it.
  3. Gash:
    Try my good buddy at B & W offshore

    I do think you are wise, prior to undertaking a difficult training regime, to gauge an understanding of what benefits, if any, might result from your commitment.
    Hope this helps
  4. N G

    Thanks for the link to the HSE website, it answered a few questions, dotn quite know why you added a snotty note to the end of your post though, as i was only looking for assistance
  5. G_D - Not really being snotty; simply adding a practical observation. After all, it's only a little over three months since you declared your intention to submit your notice and attempt to benefit from the Government's free degree promise (link). If you give your course staff any reason to believe that your commitment to the RN, the Branch and your fellow students might be diluted because your focus is on acquiring the qualification for civilian purposes, it wouldn't be in your best interests.

    Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best of luck.
  6. And therein lies your problem shipmate. NG was being extraordinarily civil.
  7. No problems between anyone here though guys are there?

    I think NG was extremely helpful to the young man and I also think anyone thinking of doing a really demanding course (respect to RN divers) needs to make a decision based on long term prospects as well as the short term.
    Good luck all involved.
  8. To all who replied to my post

    My commitment to the RN is long term as i am 24 now and intent to stay up until 30 or maybe longer, I do apoligise to anyone who thought i was being unrespectful to the branch or the guys in it.

    I have just been weighing up my options as the path i take now will need to be the right one, and diving is something i have always wanted to do as a job ,but when i joined the navy in 2003 the branch was closed.

    Many thanks to all who replied
  9. Six years is hardly a commitment considering the cost of your training
  10. Slim he's already done five years mate, it a sideways move he's after :)
  11. Thanks Lamri

    I think tweleve years in the Rn is quite a good commitment since i have been in since 2003!
    But you can never tell how your life will pan out so i am gonna expect the unexpected
  12. Remember You'll lose 50% of your pay for your final year of service unless you do 22 years without signing on 2OE that means if you become a CD1 in that time you will lose at least 7K as it stand at the min.

    Something to think about.
  13. To be fair, this isn't strictly true. You certainly won't lose 50% of your pay. As I understand it, your basic military salary (the only pay that's received by the majority of Service personnel) will remain unaffected throughout your career but you are liable to lose 50% of your Special Service Pay (SSP) from any point you submit your notice to leave the RN before completing whichever engagement you are serving. This includes 2OE (i.e. Second Open Engagement extension of service to complete 22 years, otherwise known as a 'Fifth Five') and is how SSP is intended to work as an incentive/retention allowance to encourage people in shortage categories to stay qualified and stay in the RN.

    I'm sure Wave Dodger will appear soon to quote chapter and verse.
  14. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    You Sir, are funny. Now stop feeding bubbles lines.
  15. Id put 50% of my retention pay on it! :thumright:
  16. And There he is Folks, I wasn't fast enough!
  17. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Can't say I know this one but my WO2 leaves the service in Jan falling a wee bit short of 22 and as far as I know he's not had any pay cut, and as a SM I'd know if he was short of cash! He is receiving less SSP(SM) which of course he is animated about.
  18. Take it he's not in an operational billet as SSP s tiered and reduces annually if you are out of a specific billet. Correct me if I'm wrong. Thats why he's on a reduced rate.
    As for your previous comment, some people haven't been pinged for losing their SSP I know of many that are due to leave and have left without falling subject to this ruling. Probably cause JPA is such a shambles. But I wouldn't flag this up just because I've lost mine ,not going to shit on your oppo's are you.

    Incidentally a mate of mine enquired about leaving at 21 years and was told that he would lose half of his SSPD.

  19. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    No he's in a post that carries full SSP(SM) but as he's PVRd he's had it cut similar to you. What I meant was that you said
    but so far he's not had any issue with main pay. I'm guessing you were referring to main pay.

    Interestingly he's been asked to reconsider his notice and as a carrot it has been intimated he'd get the balance of his SSP(SM) back. Dont think that carrot is juicy enough though, the Aussies have bigger ones. Their "golden hellos" are worth looking into for anyone leaving.
  20. No SSPD. Yes this is an interesting 1 I was offered the same carrot but I was too far down this road to turn back and to be honest Ive shelled out nearly 25k to change my career so couldn't justify it.

    Many of the lads that left in recent years slagged off the diving branch on their exit. Heaven knows why. its been a tough choice for me to leave and and still only wins by a fine margin.

    As people have said excellent pay good facilities and benefits fantastic pension in the biggest boys club ever.
    Work hard play hard ethos, its very rewarding.

    I would never discourage any body from becoming a diver best thing I ever did. reflecting on it my drips are pretty insignificant.
    To think team 2 just got back from Hawaii and Team 1 is off parachuting in California. Suppose its not all that bad.



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