Clearance Diver Deployments



I know this seems a bit of a daft question but how often would a RN Diver expect to deploy?

I am currently serving as a SNCO in the RAF but am looking to transfer although I am aware that the branch is currently closed. The question is more for my wife, currently I deploy every 2 years for 6 months with various courses and exercises in between. I reckon I can persuade her with the transfer if I was away a bit more but not sure if it would be fair to ask her to stay at home with 3 young boys while I spent an extraordinary amount of time away.


Lantern Swinger
Think it may be a very long time before the branch re-opens. I know some lads from basic and they wont start there course until 2021 and they are in the system! One of then had waited 5 years to even get in.looks like I’ll be on my killicks course before they finish phase 2 (wafu)

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