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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by yorkshireadam, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I have a re-med pretty soon and I have to take some eye test results with me... i've been through the application process before so I know what to expect but I was just wondering... I am pretty short sighted and I passed my eye test for the RM's last time, but this time i'm applying for a chef in the navy, sounds stupid I know but is the bar for eyesight strict in the navy considering i'm wanting to be a chef? I mean it's not really a great liability if i can see fine with glasses on. Also, if I did slip under the bar do you reckon' they would take into consideration things like good fitness levels?
    Sorry for the wall of text!
    Thanks, Adam.
  2. I think as long as you dont't have worse than -7 or +7 you're ok
  3. The minimum you can get in with on the chart test (varying sized letters) is 6/12 right 6/12 left, corrected. VA3. At a guess I would say that Chefs would need VA3.

    You can use your right eye to back up a weak left eye in proportion, for example you can use 6/9 right 6/18 left. You can't however do the same with your left eye.

    The max correction is +/- 6 in each eye.

    Full details here.

    Again as a guess, I'd say that as long as you passed for RM and your eyesight isn't now any worse then you shouldn't have any issues.

    Mind you - there's one very good way to find out...
  4. Cheers for awnsering but I already knew the reqs, I was just wondering if anyones ever heard that afco ever make exceptions and if I do fail my eye test they'll take into conseration other strengths to make up for the fail.
  5. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    After 23 years of navy food I'm sure that most chefs are totally blind anyway. :lol:
  6. What's the worst that could happen? Friendly fire with a kitchen knife? I can totaly understand say a warfare specialist having to have perfect vision but damn, as long as a chef isnt colour blind and can see ok with glasses on whats the problem. :p
  7. But you said you passed the RM test, what makes you think you'll need an exception to pass this one?
  8. But what would happen if he was red/green colour blind? Imagine if he got the mushy peas mixed up with the baked beans!!! :lol:
  9. Because I only just passed that test about 9 months ago and my afco insist that I re-take it. But I know that my eyes have slightly degraded. :cry:
  10. What the hell have you been doing to mess up you eyes in 9 months? Shoving bits of glass in them?!

    I'm sure you'll be fine mate. Just get it done and out of the way - only way to be sure.
  11. yay I passed :)
  12. Well, they say it can make you blind. A case for boxing gloves when you are in your pit perhaps.

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